January 10, 2008

Reminiscing on 2007 Travels - Part I

The Year 2007 has been a good year for me, particularly as far as my travels are concerned.

Since June 2007, I also started blogging about my travels within India.

So, in addition to my travels to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia, during the latter part of December 2006 that lasted till January 2007, that I did not blog about here (as I've restricted this space for my India travels only), I also travelled to the following places:

Mumbai (Feb, Sept)

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Matheran (Feb)

Horses of Matheran

Jaipur (July)

City Palace, Jaipur

Manali (July)

A street scene, Manali

I must mention here what I call has been "the best road journey" that I've experienced, i.e., the journey from Manali to Leh, which deserved a full separate posting for its awesome scenic beauty of the majestic Himalayan mountains as I wrote in Incredible India Indeed. To think that I've lost my pictures of this impressive journey, including the sleepover in the tents of Sarchu, makes me all the more determined to undertake such a trip again as soon as possible, and I shall do that, preferably with two stop-overs next time, most likely in Keylong valley and Sarchu in the Himalayas.

Leh (July)

View of Leh from a mountain top

Ladakh (July) including:
- Chang La

On the way to Pangong Lake at the border of China

Thiksey Monastery

- Nubra Valley including:
* Khardung Village
* Panamik
* Hundar
* Khardung Pass

The Karakoram range in the far distance as seen from Khardung-La,
supposedly the highest motorable road in the world

Delhi (July, Dec)

Partial view of the Parliament

Bangalore (Jan, Sept, Dec)

Jamia Masjid on Commercial Street

Kerala (Sept)

Aboard the houseboat (called Kettuvellam, in Malayalam), North Kerala

Goa (Dec)

Picturesque Goa

Mangalore and the places around it (Jan, July, Sept, Dec)

A shot from Mangalore shores

That's Part I of my travels of 2007. I shall post a few pictures covering my travels last month to part of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in the post to follow as 2007 Travels - Part II.


Merisi said...

These images make me want to pick up my walking shoes, metaphorically speaking of course, seeing the large distances you covered.
I hope your wish to recapture the journey and lost photos will come true in the near future. Good luck!
A couple of years ago I was in Kiew, Ukraine, got beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen towards the end of my stay. It's like piece of your life stolen for a photographer, isn't it?

final_transit said...

phew! You have traveled so much:)
Next time we should do the Manali-Leh journey together or something. I was about to do that on a mountain bike in '06, but then I came to Canada. I still have the whole journey planned.

Merisi: thats so sad indeed! If I lose my camera at the end of a trip, I dont know what I'd do....

Lookin forward for part 2, 3,...
- Priyank

San said...

Thank you for the incredible armchair traveling you afford me. Such amazing images of such far-flung, exotic places.

Like Merisi, I'm ready to hit the road.

Celine, your blog is a feast!

Arun said...

Ah.. the wanderer had a great time. Wish you another year ahead full of beautiful journeys and happy days. :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wow!You really are a born traveler who knows just exactly where to visit :)

Someday I would go globe-trotting too I hope.Great photography,as usual!

AJEYA RAO said...

Excellent year u have had...and i like ur idea of recalling the year. May be i should adopt it to. thanks

GMG said...

If this is just part I of 2007, I wonder what part II will show us! After all that, who is the Trotter?
Left a blogger's gift for you at the end of my last post on Blogtrotter. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

hope many new trail open up in 2008

indicaspecies said...


I'm sorry to hear about your stolen camera Merisi. I can quite understand what you may have felt then. In my case, however, the memory stick started giving 'format error' trouble, after which I gave it to the experts to handle, and it apparently snapped in their 'expert' hands! Anyway, as the cliche goes, no use crying over spilt milk. :D

Thank you very much for your kind words and good wishes Merisi. I hope you get to travel as much as your heart desires. :)

indicaspecies said...


Puku, I hope you get a chance to travel Manali-Leh asap. It's a must and good luck.

As for me, the earliest Manali-Leh could materialize is in the summer of 2009 since for this summer I've already thought of another Himalayan destination in Uttarkhand.

So, if all works fine then, we do it together (or else, at least do 'something' together..LOL)

Btw, only Part II to go. I am human, not a robot. :D

indicaspecies said...


So many compliments in your comment!

Thank you very much. It's a pleasure to share these and I believe it's beautiful people who see the beauty in the images of those places. :)

indicaspecies said...


Yes I did, but being a traveller yourself, you are aware not quite content. The zeal to travel more will continue. ;)

Thanks for your wishes. :)

indicaspecies said...


Thanks a lot. I'm glad that you liked the pictures.

I have made a 'list in my mind' of the places I'd love to visit and feel have just about begun. I wish you the best with your globe trotting dreams and and all other dreams as well. :)

indicaspecies said...


Thanks. I owe this idea to Shantanu.

Please go ahead and implement it and I also hope you will enjoy it as I did. I'll visit your space shortly to check out. :)

indicaspecies said...


I just checked out your space and that's very sweet of you. Thank you very much for the honour. Loved it!

You will always be the Blogtrotter in blogosphere. :)

indicaspecies said...

the hermit of wandering thoughts:

Thanks for your visit again and also for your good wishes. I hope you are aware that I'm a great fan of your Himalayan photography. :)

backpakker said...

Now, you know why you are a source of inspiration for me ...phew ! I almost went on a whirlwind trip with you...

indicaspecies said...


Thanks for your kind words Lakshmi.

I was delighted to get a chance to travel so much in 2007. Somehow I do not anticipate as much free time in 2008 but I'll hope for the best. You are perhaps aware that I grab every opportunity I get to swing my bag over my back and move - just like you do. :)

shooting star said...

nice post...the leh-manali road trip has been voted as one of the best 5 road trips worldwide in globetrekker...it has been voted as number 5....i am planning to go on this road trip at some point of my life....

indicaspecies said...

shooting star:

Thank you very much for your visit, your comment and for sharing such good news about Leh-Manali road trip voting. If you have a link of that news item, please share it with me.

I hope you get a chance to travel there soon. :)

maravind said...

Whoa! Sure you travel a lot...

I wish I were a free bird like this. Your snaps are great -- looks very pro.

BTW, when did you come to Kerala? And is that you sitting in blue, facing the camera?

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for your visit. I hope you drop in sometimes, and leave your footprints. ;)

We are born free and, more or less, can continue to be so. Thanks for your compliments, glad you liked my pictures.

I've seen a bit of Kerala over the years, including Kovalam, Trivandrum, Cochin, Allepey, Munnar etc but have not blogged about it - as this blog as of now is just 10 months old. I shot the picture, so that's not me. :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

That's quite a lot of traveling. All India tour in a single post...

Believe you had a good time in South India

indicaspecies said...

Haha..Shrinidhi. I was born in Mangalore, so the Southern part is like home, but then am comfortable and have a good time in the North too. ;)

By the way, a life time wouldn't be sufficient to cover all India.:)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Oh. good to know that (Mangalorean part)

very much true-so much to see, so little time...

indicaspecies said...

Thanks. :)

Kcalpesh said...

You've really travelled so much. Despite being in India, I haven't known there were such stunningly beautiful places to see. Well I made my checklist of places to see after visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing all this information. The photographs are good and also the descriptions about the places that you've given... Nice to have visited your blog.

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