April 29, 2010

SWF: Sundown

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Sunset viewed from Mahanavami Dibba, Hampi
Dec 2009

April 9, 2010

SWF: Bahrain WTC

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I've just got back from a trip to Bahrain. This tiny nation is one of the more popular destinations in the Middle East. It was good to spend some days in Bahrain. With its authentic Arab heritage and relaxed culture, I experienced how the place lives up to its reputation for being modern and liberal.

As usual, I've come back with quite a few pictures.

Here are a few pictures of one unique landmark of Bahrain: the Bahrain World Trade Center.

Capturing the evening sky, I shot these two pictures when I was seated in a taxi that took me to Manama while it stopped at a traffic signal:
The next was shot when I was walking towards the Diplomatic Area:
The day light was fading rapidly after sunset when I started to shoot these pictures:
These sail-shaped WTC towers are designed to funnel wind through the gap to provide its acceleration through the turbines. It is said that this has the potential to generate electricity to the equivalent of providing lighting for about 300 homes annually.

Happy Skywatching.