September 16, 2007

By The Rivers of Babylon

May your love for life be as constant as the flowing river.


backpakker said...

Thats a nice thought that goes with your pictures - I can gaze constantly on waters and rivers has such a calming effect on you

indicaspecies said...

backpakker: Thanks. I feel the same. :)

Imagination said...

Nice pictures! I think you are a lover of nature, just like me! I love nature so much that I can spend hours on watching all the natural things like birds, trees, plants, butterflies and so on. I don't think that anybody can say "I hate nature". Even if they don't love, they won't hate nature. Rivers, oceans, seas, and other water bodies can be watched by me for longer time than other natural things! Nice pictures! I think you are a fantastic photographer indeed!