October 12, 2007

Trip to Nubra Valley, Ladakh

In the last four following postings, I recounted briefly the experiences of my trip to Nubra Valley of Ladakh with a few pictures:

1. Khardung, the Pass and the Village;
2. Himalayan Diskit;
3. Hundar - Retracing the Silk Route; and
4. Panamik.

I tried to cover the breathtaking views from Khardung-La, the scenery all the way south over the Indus Valley to the seemingly endless peaks and ridges of the Zanskar range, and north to the giants of the Sasser massif, the road from Leh rising steeply to meet the Khardung-La and then dramatically plunging into bends and turns to gradually unfold itself along the meandering Shyok and Nubra rivers, the romance of the Silk Route and the joy of riding in border land areas on the jeep safari bringing out the adventure of travel to gain an insight into fascinating landscapes, villges, people, and their culture.

Mountain road on the way back to Khardung-La
Hopefully in days to come, I shall write more about the rest of Ladakhi regions I visited this time including posting more pictures of Leh, the Ladakhi capital and the areas around it, my trip to the awesome Himalayan Pangong Lake and also about a day spent in the beautiful Himalayan village of Phyang.

It's said all that you feel in your heart cannot be described in words, and all that you see through your own eyes cannot be captured on camera. That stands true for my experiences during my recent trip to Leh, Ladakh.

A view on the way to Nubra Valley


Priyank said...

Thanks Celine, Looking forward for more :)
PS: What does 'Fugue' mean?. In Marathi Fuga means balloon and Fugue is roughly a verb form.

indicaspecies said...

priyank: Thanks to you for your encouragement.

Fugue has two meanings. One is a musical term which means a composition that's gradually built into a complex form to culminate in a grand finale; and the other is a psychiatric term which is a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, who then begins a new life and remembers nothing of the amnesic phase.

Incidentally, in my mother tongue, Konkani, the word for balloon is Fugo (or Pugo) - as with so many other similar sounding words of Marathi. After all, it's the same area along the Konkan coast! :)

RamaG said...

Fugue...reminds me of the fantastic composition by Johann Sebastian Bach...Toccata and Fugue is one of my favourite pieces of western classical music.

Your blog is simply amazing. Absolutely mind-blowing.

I have read through and seen almost all of your posts and I must say I envy your travels.

Sometimes I do wonder, having travelled to many countries in Western Europe as well as many states here in the US, will I ever get a chance to travel all across India.

I hope and pray that I get that chance.

Ladakh and Sikkim and two places that I most definitely want to visit and if and when i get a chance, I'll call you for guidance and planning. :-))

Thanks for visiting my blog. May I ask you for a favour? I'm very interested to know how you stumbled onto my blog. If its not too much of a problem, I'd like to know it. :-)

And yes, do keep stumbling back. :-))



indicaspecies said...

ramag: So many compliments at one go. Thank you very much.

Go ahead and grab every opportunity to travel Rama. All the best.

I'd be delighted to help you with not just Ladakh and Sikkim, but for any other place (of the 17 states I've been to). So..please feel to contact me anytime and it will be my pleasure to be of assistance. :)

I'll surely keep visiting your blog now. I guess I just happened to stumble into it from one link to another. I am a voracious reader btw.

Once again, thanks and you have a lovely day.

celine :)

Anonymous said...

love these mountains in ur pic.
looking very cool!!
i love hot springs. there are hundreds of them in japan.
some ppl eat eggs boiled in sulphur springs. and some noodle shops are serving soup smell like sulphur. yummy :)

RamaG said...

Thanks Celine. I'll look forward to your comments.

BTW..can I link up your blog in mine? that way i wont have to remember the address.


indicaspecies said...

niki yokota: Thanks Niki-chan. :)
Sulphur smelling soup? Ewwww!

indicaspecies said...

ramag: My pleasure Ram. Please feel free to link up. :)

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Naveen said...

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