January 27, 2011

All is Well

This post is in response to those who inquired what I have been upto
because it’s been a while since I’ve been active in the blog world,
and also others who may be interested in my photographs.


The weather in Kuwait has been pleasant lately. After my return from India, Rajasthan trip in particular, I have been spending considerable time outdoors. It has been a good time living out my hobbies and interests.

I have indulged in activities that I enjoy indoors. With windows wide open - few rare times when weather permits in this part of the world - and spending time at home to catch up on some reading, writing, watching movies has been indeed good.

I’ve been making visits to the Scientific Center and spending hours particularly watching the fascinating 'sea-world' there.

Near the Scientific Center

Some of the other activities outdoors have been heading to different beaches for endless jogs, followed by long walks, and a few trips deep into the desert.

Pick up a 'chai' and head to the beach

Bicycling has been possible because of good weather, and now I've got my own bicycle which is hauled into my SUV up to the beach to begin biking from there along the long stretches.

Area where I generally bicycyle

I have started with a new hobby: Angling. Or Fishing, if you prefer this term. Not a trip to the sea with the fishermen, but with a newly acquired rod. So far I haven't caught a single fish, but that will not stop me. After all, there is something cathartic about testing patience waiting for a bite in the serene atmosphere when the weather is fully in one's favor.

It has been good to do skywatching, as usual.

Wild west from the Kuwait Towers

As always, no matter which part of the world I am in, if I am up early, I stop by to catch the first rays of the rising sun...

Sunrise: 7:15 am

.... but almost every evening watch the last rays at sunset.

Sunset: 17:46

I hope carrying my camera around for some shots on certain days has made this post less drab because of the photographs I'm sharing here.

So that’s it, all from the local scene. My other travel stories should continue in days to come.

Go view many more interesting skies around the world at:

January 26, 2011

Republic Day of India

On this day...

...I remember the words of my school teacher who first explained to me the significance of the Republic Day.

...I feel honoured to be a self-confident citizen of the largest democracy in the world.

...I shall remember that the outbursts of emotions and fervour of patriotism is not to be abused but to remember that a person is not bound by a certain area of land, mountains, rivers or woods, but has a connection and allegiance with the humanity of the whole world.

...I shall do my part to, however insignificant it may be, to eliminate corruption that has spread its tentacles to every segment of society and fight any threat to our unity and polity.

...I resolve not to lose faith in our system and not allow to create a generation of confused identity but one that recognizes the need to reduce poverty and alleviate hunger.

...I shall never give up hope that my nation will someday usher in a classless, free and happy society as the founding fathers of our Constitution had envisioned.

...I shall do whatever it takes, incurable optimist that I am, to send the right signals to honest law-abiding citizens that all is not lost and that justice shall prevail.

...I shall do my little part to participate and help my nation in taking confident strides in diverse fields of development and progress, and shall continue to believe in the magic of sustaining democratic process in spite of several constraints.

...I shall learn to celebrate a Constitution that is created to protect our rights and allow us to be good citizens while not trampling over the rights of others.

Indian Embassy, Kuwait

On this day...

...I salute all those, unknown and faceless maybe, but dedicated and courageous soldiers and other defence personnel of India, deployed within the country and abroad, who tirelessly work for the nation and its freedom.

...and always, I shall remember the overwhelming feeling experienced as I observed the tricolor being hoisted this morning and solemnly watched it flutter high up in the winter skies in a land far away from India.

A salute also to my dear readers on this Republic Day.