February 15, 2009

Time to Travel

This is a hurried post while I'm in the midst of packing my backpack...
I'm setting off...again...

To a country renowned for its ancient civilization, its Pharaohs, and famous monuments...
To the largest city in Africa and the Middle East to start with and the Pyramids and the Sphinx...
To the southern cities to explore the Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Abu-Simbel...
If possible to the Sinai peninsula, to the beaches around the Red Sea and water sports, the monasteries and the deserts, the Great River...
To experience new places, new culture...

Be back soon!

February 13, 2009

SWF: Mana Village

For a variety of skies around the world, do visit SkyWatchFriday.

Mana Village
Uttarakhand, India

I shot these pictures while on a short trek from Badrinath to the Himalayan Mana Village in August 2008. It is the last village at the Indo-Tibet border. Some places famous in Hindu mythology like Vyas Gufa, Ganesh Gufa, Bhimpul, Vasudhara Falls lie close to the Mana Village. In winter, the villagers move down to Joshimath or Chamoli when thick snow blankets the Mana Village.

February 10, 2009

OSI: Movement

Movement is the prompt provided for this week by One Single Impression, a community of poets online writing and sharing Haiku and other poetic forms.

My free verse this week is inspired by these photographs that I shot while in Nainital in February 2008.

Quivering waters
Like emotions
Stirred from within
Creating trembles
On that foggy day
I stood watching
And wondering
What ripples will I make
As I swim
In the sometimes calm
Other times turbulent
Waters of this life

Will I leave behind
A bequest of loving friends
And family
Would I succeed
Making my way
Into their hearts with love
That would belike
Make me whole
Or will I be just another one
Fading into oblivion
Like the ripples
Waning at the lake’s shore

Interaction of water with wind
Blowing from yonder
Like a tryst
Between time and space
Beams of light breaking
On the surface
Into million reflections
I stood there pondering
Gazing at the gleaming waters
Play of light and shadow
And movement
Of the shimmering ripples

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February 5, 2009

Chital in the Wild

The Chital (of the genus Axis and species, axis) is also called Cheetal Deer or Spotted Deer. It has a reddish fawn coat marked with white spots. It is the most common species of deer found in the wooden regions of India and are known to have a lifespan of 20-30 years. They are found in small to large herds up to 100 individuals.

The Chitals primarily eat grass and vegetation, but they are known to eat their shed antlers for their rich nutrients. They shed their antlers annually. They are one of the favored prey of predators such as tigers and leopards.

Dec 2007
Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Feb 2008
Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Dec 2008
Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka

Dec 2008
Wyanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

I particularly remember watching mesmerized a herd in the forests of Bandipur National Park while on my way from Mysore to Ooty.

The above are my captures of the Chital in four different states of India. I can recall on each occasion I have enjoyed watching the herd of these cute creatures more than shooting pictures.

February 1, 2009

One Single Impression: Slowly

One Single Impression is a community of poets writing and sharing Haiku and other poetic forms.

Slowly is the prompt provided for this week by One Single Impression. My Haiku here is inspired by this photograph that I shot in Pattaya, Thailand.

Joy is within reach
As sand fills gaps between toes
Slowly, steadily

Also life's slow pace
Joyously embrace time's beat
Grasp or hasten, not

Eternal feeling
On this slow and drawling day
As soothing waves lap

With a tranquil heart
Slowly watch the light fade dim
Cool breeze softly blows

Giggling children glide
Slowly into the waters
Wet their tiny feet

With much love and care
From slow swaying canopy
Their mom keeps a watch

Slowly tree did wilt
Then shed its leaves, and life too
Ends up as dead trunk

Sun descends slowly
Radiating gold on waves
Spreads beauty around

Time, tide waits for none
Slowly, surely the sun sets
Another day ends.


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