December 5, 2007


Khardung village

Following my previous posting that included What if syndrome that I suffer from on and off (usually preceding certain lethargic times or when in need of an escapade from monotony), I am back to day dreaming again.

Today I can think of:

  • What if some dying great grandfather’s illegimate son’s father-in-law would include me in his ‘will’ for an inheritance of his vast fortune?

Then I would quit my work right now and start travelling. A small share of his inheritance is enough. Without being too greedy, I’ll wish only for a couple of million of dollars. Just enough so that I can do what I wish with the rest of my little life including travel, travel and travel more.

  • What if I wasn’t as busy as I have been the past 3 days?

Then I would probably be either spending more afternoons on the beach or cold desert (temperature is at a low of 4 deg C these days), or writing something creative or blogging and while at that, more importantly, responding earlier than I did to the sweet comments of my lovely fellow bloggers to my previous posts. I would do that if I were still around in this place. If I had an alternative otherwise, I would be wandering around the mountains of Himalayas, if not starting off immediately on a lunar exploration mission.

  • What if I wasn’t employed in this part of the world?

Then I wouldn’t have to bother about the apt appearance for work place wearing the right amount of make up, the heeled footwear and smart formal clothing to attend office regularly. I’d neither speak in Arabic anymore nor would abide by the local rules and regulations. I would instead happily go to work either here or here doing something about this while attired in my casual clothes and flip flops and be a merry soul singing happy tunes.

  • What if I were living in the farm house in the little town I was born in?

Then I would have helped out the farmers there, be amongst grazing cows and herding sheep, climbing trees and plucking fruits, eating home grown food, running through jungles, stopping by to pick up wild berries, swimming in the ponds and lakes, playing in the gushing waters of the overflowing streams, frolicking under the waterfalls, while tasting a bit of the exciting life that Robin Hood and Veerappan had, minus the arrows, guns and violence of course.

  • What if I were a Buddhist monk in a remote part of the Himalayas?

Then I would don my bright orange and saffron robes, embrace poverty, depend on local people for my food, eat for necessity and not pleasure, walk barefoot, give up on luxuries and shun vices (that I am not leading a Bohemian lifestyle now is another matter). I would enjoy the softness of the mattress at the end of the day and not suffer from insomnia again.

We have all heard of the much clich├ęd phrase: If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Right now I neither wish to be a monk nor a farmer. My life is rewarding to me as it should be. Nonetheless, I crave again for a break from the humdrum. So it’s time to swing a rucksack over my back and move. The travel bug has bitten me. Yes, it is again time for another journey. It is the best leisure activity I think of.

Where do I travel this time? I am taking a flight to Delhi, and where do I go after that I am not certain, because I am a traveller, not a tourist. Getting whisked off from one tour destination to another through carefully planned tours by a tourist office is not my cup of tea. I wish to be on my own and traveling at my speed. I want to enjoy my travels my way - whether it is walking around the streets thronging with people and interacting with locals, or spending time in solitude at a remote mountain pass, or watching the serenity of a river flowing by, or the cascade of a waterfall in the midst of a thick jungle.

I wish to get the feel of the exotic places I’ll travel to and quench my thirst for adventure. If I get lost and don’t return, please don’t shed tears for me. After all, getting lost is one great way of discovering the hidden treasures of a new place. So I’m ready to take up a bigger challenge and discover what is beyond the norm. I am ready to travel not quite knowing where I am set out to. Free independent travelling. Explore - at my own sweet pace, my style!

Does anyone here feel similarly?


Pijush said...

I am very much with you. I like your honest and broad-minded answers. But we are unfortunate as these happen to very few person. Take care Celine.

Sameera said...

I do for one!In the journey of life,such thoughts keep cropping up a lot,questioning our existence.

But at the end of the day,I believe in the saying "Everything happens for the best"!

Priyank said...

Hey Cellua,
Among the questions you asked, I think similarly only for the first question. Otherwise, I'm very happy to be working 50 hours and leading this urban, noisy lifestlye. Makes the holidays more worthwhile :)

I could never understand the tourist mentality. It might suit people leading a careful lifestyle and those who don't want to research themselves. However Celine, there is a distinct difference in the way I travel (maybe because I'm a newbie). Lemme blog about it sometime.
- Priyank

Cuckoo said...

You write so well. And so very deep questions and beautiful answers. Some similar answers like the 1st one.
Otherwise I would like to keep the balance.

Anonymous said...

Day Dream Believer is playing in my head:
Oh, I could hide neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o'clock alarm would never ring.

It's making a racket again...that damn 6 o'clock alarm!

Dan said...

I feel quite the same. If I inherited a fortune I'd travel. Then when I ran out of money I'd become a Buddhist monk. :)

Shantanu said...

So many places to go, if we could get ourselves out of our current (daily) lives. :-)

Ananda Niyogi said...

I hope you have signed up His Highness The Right Honourable TDM of Jaipur as your fellow backpacker :-)

All the best for your trip - enjoy!

indicaspecies said...

Fortune smiles on those who dare..LOL

indicaspecies said...

But what would you say when the best doesn't happen? You don't have to answer that..LOL

Thanks for your comments, and you have a nice trip. Enjoy lots. :)

indicaspecies said...

You and I know the difference. ;) I'll wait to hear about your style of travels.

Enjoy your noisy urban lifestyle and more importantly have lotsa fun on your upcoming trip. :)

indicaspecies said...

Thank you very much for your sweet words. :)

indicaspecies said...

Hey, no alarm clocks for me for the next 3 weeks Darlene. Ain't that great? :)

indicaspecies said...

Simple yet great answers. So you think like me. We are birds of the same feather that can 'flop' together at the Buddhist monastery..LOL

indicaspecies said...

There was a time when I felt I was being pulled in 5 different directions and was about to be drowned with the 'so much to do, so much to see and so little time' syndrome - until I took control and changed that. I don't mean to advice. Only shared my thoughts.

Thanks for your comments. :)

indicaspecies said...

Hey Nanda,
Wow! What a great suggestion! Why didn't I think of it before? :P

Now, for that wonderful idea, would you like your intestines pulled out of you little by little or or do you prefer the guillotine? LOL
Thank you for your good wishes Ananda. :)

Sameera said...

No dear,I didn't mean the best has to happen with us,but everything happens for a reason-even sorrow and pain-and there are instances where we are thankful for those having happened as well...

You too have a great journey ahead!God Bless :)

Neha Nair said...

ok u were not being a pessimist... so I am not arguing.. but somewhere... all of us do think this way ..

GMG said...

Day dreaming, great post!
Keep travelling... that's a nice way of dreaming! Enjoy the holiday season!
Look forward to seeing you back posting and commenting!

Mridula said...

Wow, some imagination! I should try writing like this sometime :)

Crazy Me said...

I get the urger to move every couple of years. I've fought it off for a while now but I am feeling the need to live somewhere new. I have always thought Alaska would be an adventure. Unfortunately, my boy is so not interested.

Zhu said...

My spirit is crying to living too... I haven't traveled (like real backpacking abroad) in like almost 4 yrs.

Now I saved up, so we will see!

Keshi said...

Interesting post!

**What if I were living in the farm house in the little town I was born in?

I always think of this! What if I was a village girl...


Merisi said...

A safe journey, Celine!

AJEYA RAO said...

Had had similar thoughts.....To me now its how to fullfill all those desires that got generated from the if's.

Anonymous said...

nice reading more of you...I can relate so much with it...a beautiful shot too!

Suldog said...

Just checking in, to say "Hi!"

I like your answers very much. If I may be so bold, you are a lovely person. Thanks for sharing!

backpakker said...

I loved your thoughts and could identify with most of them ..I often think what if i was born in a different era or if I was a tree or a bird..I loved the thought when u said what if I was living in a farm house..but am happy with what I am for now

kate said...

Oh yes, although I travel constantly in my mind. If I could, I would reallytravel for long stretches of time. Then I would go and work in Africa.

Anonymous said...

nice post

Sameera said...

Guess you on holiday.Merry Christmas dear.God Bless!

AJEYA RAO said...

iWer r u gone?

GMG said...

Wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!

backpakker said...

Im sure you are having a wonderful holiday ..wish you a very happy new year

indicaspecies said...

Forgive me for not replying to your kind comments for so long. As you perhaps know, it's been because I've been away travelling and have just returned.

Hope you had a good break and only the best happened all along. Thanks for your Christmas wishes. :)

As far as I can recall, I've not been a pessimist anytime in my life. I wonder what's the point of contention anyway. :)

Thank you, and all the best to you for 2008. :)

Thanks, and all the best. :)

crazy me:
I can fully appreciate the adventurous streak in you and all the best for success with your plans. :)

I truly hope all your heart's desires are fulfilled. I wish you the best. :)

Thank you. Glad that you found this post interesting.
I've experienced village life in my early days and it's a sweetly different experience. I'm not quite sure how long I'd enjoy it at this point in life but it's a fact that I look forward to each and every opportunity to take a break from the present 'urban' life I lead. :)

Thank you very much for your wishes, and I'm back safe and sound. :)

I wish you the best for all your heart's desires and hope your dreams come true. :)

Thank you for your kind words. :)

Thanks a lot for your visit and your kind words. Oh, please be bold, I like it very much. :)

Confident and content people are generally happy in their present state, however, the 'what if' questions do crop up occasionally, if not often, through such people's minds as well, won't you agree?
I'm pleased to hear from you that you loved my post. Thank you for your wishes for 2008, and I wish you the best. :)

Day dreams are fun when one is tied down to a place until the actual opportunity arises. All the best with your noble dreams for Africa. :)

Welcome and thank you. :)