October 3, 2007

Himalayan Brook

This shot was taken on my way to the
Himalayan Pangong Lake

A beautiful flowing brook I espy
Springing from glacial mountain high
This little brook on the Himalayan side
Away from the seas far and wide

Twisting and turning gracefully
Gurgling along the way happily
Through fields of flowers as it flows
Rippling with joy as it onward goes

Like a white ribbon I watch its course
It flows gently and with no great force
For all its beauty, I much love the brook
Whatever route along the way it took

It softly flows through meadows still
Clear sparkling water over the hill
A few stop by to drink and replenish
Others build a bond with it to cherish

The brook flows beside a yellow flower bed
Adorned on grass as a beautiful spread
It’s blades bend and sway as brook flows by
Say hello as it passes and then bids goodbye

The brook runs its sweet course everyday
Heedless to the pebbles it finds on the way
Teaches me I’m just as free, so sing a song
Tells me to smile, and be glad all day long

Seek joy, for life is nature’s rich gift
Delightfully, give to your life a swift lift
Be glad and make this world happy
Feel in tune with nature, in harmony

Take a moment and do give your ear
You’d be amazed at what you get to hear
Flow on merrily as the brook imparts
The brook of love for the human hearts



Priyank said...

I am not a poetry guy, but I liked this one because it was very realistic. Life, indeed is filled with such joys and sorrows :)

backpakker said...

The poem brings alive the brook to me..i can almost feel the waters and hear the rustle ..and the flow of emotions ..the imagery is awesome..thanks

Seraphine said...

I like your photo and poem.

Keshi said...

thats a beautiful lil brook indeed...great pic!

**Flow on merrily as the brook imparts
The brook of love for the human hearts

beautifully expressed!


Pijush said...

Wonderfull Poem, with nice flow of emotions. Nice work Celine.
The pic was not that good to me :-(

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visiting here. Oh, you write poetry. Beautiful imagery. I liked the haiku you left at my blog.

indicaspecies said...

priyank: Thank you. Glad you liked it. I try and focus on the joys to lead a happier life. :)

backpakker: Thanks. I felt the brook come alive too and sensed the gurgling sound as the sparkling waters flowed. In fact, just admiring the the picture inspired me to write the poem. :)

seraphine: Welcome to my blog and thank you. :)

keshi: Thank you very much. :)

pijush: Thank you for the compliments on the poem. Haha..and to think that I got inspired by that very picture! :)

chewy: Welcome aboard and thank you. I hope you drop by sometimes. I think the caeffinated spider on your blog was more interesting than my lamentation. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice conversing with you. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

You interpreted pijush's drawing of Gandhi better than me. Ha-ha, perhaps I think too hard.

indicaspecies said...

chewy: I understand cultural differences, as you pointed out, is the main issue. You are doing fine. Is lovely communicating with you too. We'll be in touch. :)