October 20, 2007

End Point - Part II

Yesterday I posted some shots of the rainbow that was exhibited on the eastern side of End Point, here are pictures from the western part displaying landscape of picturesque beauty. I particularly love to feel the breeze rush by, caressing the face gently, as I watch the idyllic river flowing serenely.

I have often visited this place to enjoy the scenic beauty and walks on miles and miles of green carpet of grass.

Last month, I noticed that a part of the area is being cleared free of flora (and fauna, naturally) and I was informed that construction work on building some star hotels was to begin shortly.

Now for some not-so-pleasant shots:

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) sings well to convey a message:

"Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass,
For your lorry loads pumping petrol gas,
And you make them long, and you make them tough,
But they just go on and on, and it seems that you can't get off;

Oh, I know we've come a long way,
We're changing day to day,
But tell me, where do the children play?"

I felt dispirited to think that a place of such beauty - where children played and where people and animals roamed freely and happily - will soon be cordoned off and remain captured in the hands of some business entrepreneurs.

I hope the development they are planning on is harmonious with nature, rather than destroying it or the environment in the process. I also hope the consequence of the construction and development plans in their agenda will take into account a person's relationship with another human being and with nature. In my opinion nature, as it is, without unnecessary and harsh interference by human beings, is a beautiful place. Nature is harmony. Let's not take it for granted, instead learn to appreciate it and grasp the wisdom of living in harmony with nature.

"I thought that nature was enough, till human nature came." - Emily Dickinson.


Imagination said...

Ah! Those were fantastic shots! I mainly liked the images-

Mlore-Sept07 + 344a.jpg (image)


Mlore-Sept07 + 345.jpg (image)

indicaspecies said...

Thank you. :)

Merisi said...

Rivers fascinate me (I grew up near one) and this is an escpecially beautiful river valley.
So sad that development will mar this beauty.

imac said...

Thankyou for visiting and your kind comments on my blog.

I enjoyed my visit to yours too, very good photos and interesting tales that you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Fitting quote by Emily Dickinson. She was born and lived in Amherst, Massachusetts a town a little over 30 miles from me.

indicaspecies said...

It is indeed a beautiful valley and the river flowing has a serene and calming effect on me. :)

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for dropping by, and for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed my space here. Your lemmings were fantastic! :)

indicaspecies said...

Thank you. I didn't know Ms. D was in your neighborhood! ;)

The bee is not afraid of me,
I know the butterfly;
The pretty people in the woods
Receive me cordially.
The brooks laugh louder when I come,
The breezes madder play.

Isn't it simply awesome?
I love Emily's nature poetry.

Suneel said...

I am so thankful to you for taking me to the paradise on earth..even now when i think of the places i visited and the kind of nature i saw there i just say to myself that i must soon go back there.

Hope to travel again with you to some other place in the paradise known to the world as INDIA:)

Perfect is the word for the work you have done!!

Thank You

backpakker said...

its very sad ..besides this, century old trees across bangalore are being cut down in the name of development..

Sigma said...

it is indeed sad to see such a specimen of natural beauty being destroyed by commercial interests. This is happening to all our hill stations, and this has it own repurcussions too, in terms of increasingly frequent and devastating landslides. But the greed makes us blind.

Arun said...

Ah.. need to dust my old Cat Stevens tapes. :)

Laveena said...

Wow.. I want to be there once again to see that rainbow.. it was amazingly beautiful.. never had see a rainbow like that ever in my life from one end of the horizon to the other!
It was quite an experience. Thanks for taking me to the end point!

BTW, I managed to reach "Maravanthe" before I concluded my holidays in India.. It was another awesome view of nature!!

indicaspecies said...

Hey Suneel, I am delighted that you liked this post. No thanks needed, having your companionship was then, and is always, my pleasure.

Aur bhai kashaan? Next trip to Rajasthan and if possible, let’s squeeze some time in between to go J&K. I’d love to pass by Ladakh again. What say?

indicaspecies said...

Sad indeed. But there’s hope still since the drive to plant saplings has begun in Bangalore.

indicaspecies said...

Not just landslides due to soil erosion, but also think of air pollution and imagine the loss of habitats of the diverse flora and fauna in the area!

indicaspecies said...

And while you are at it, pull out the Scorpions too.

Arun, I meant the music. Let me specify or else the naturalist in you might actually manage to pull out a couple of arachnids..haha!

indicaspecies said...

Hey Lav, welcome to my blog.

Taking you to End Point was my pleasure and I must say thank you for your lovely company on the ‘day of the rainbow.’

I’m glad you made it to Maravanthe and I agree it’s a place of utmost beauty. Please drop by sometimes.