October 4, 2009

OSI: Descent

One Single Impression is a community of poets writing and sharing Haiku and other poetic forms. The prompt for this week is "Descent" and here is my verse:

When I was small
I loved balloons
The little dainty ones from which
Sunlight would pass through

I still love balloons
But of a different kind
hose which float high above
o can gaze at rising sun while there

Perfect setting, cool winds
Smooth sailing in the sky
I watch the golden orb rise
Radiating precious rays

My balloon wanders here and there

It glides near River Nile

Over spectacular rural scenery

Besides white desert sands too

Lost for a while, I am on a high

Heavenly is the feeling

But with the descent of the balloon

Alas, I have come down to earth!


Hot Air Balloon Ride - February 2009

All images shot by me in Luxor, Egypt

The silver streak of line at the bottom in the second picture is the River Nile

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Mridula said...

Celine they look so beautiful!

Maggie said...

Beautiful story with photos.

Sue said...

what fabulous photos! And such a lovely poem to set the off just right.

Linda Jacobs said...

Wow! I can understand why you wouldn't want to descend! Your words are lovely, too!

anthonynorth said...

Great words to describe beautiful pictures.

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this post. You remind me our dreams can grow as we do--and they can come true.

Priyank said...

Beautiful. I haven't been in a hot air balloon, and not in Egypt for sure. :D

qualcosa di bello said...

it is hard to come down from such a thrill...what beautiful pictures!

bethany said...

Beautiful photos! Such a way to convey a story and a lovely metaphor, indeed, too.

Tumblewords: said...

Impressive words and photos! A wonderful journey.

Anonymous said...

Celine, this was lovely...
descent of the balloon! another different take to the prompt! beautiful..

Merisi said...


I have never seen an image of the Nile,
shown from above, beautiful! :-)

GMG said...

Hi Celine! Profiting from today’s holiday – the 99th anniversary of the Republic in Portugal - I’m happy to have some more time to surf the net and enjoy your blog!
Wow! The baloon made already a great post, but then there is the poem!!!
Also loved to see the Mussorie pictures; you have been travelling hard...

Blogtrotter is showing you Antalya. Enjoy and have a great week!

Tammie Lee said...

how wonderful, to wander in a balloon, to love them when young and later in life. Thank you.

zoya gautam said...

.. great visuals - -

picturesque words ..

many thanks ..

indicaspecies said...

Linda Jacobs,
Qualcosa di bello,
Tammie Lee,
Zoya Gautam,

The balloon ride was indeed delightful. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts!

Jim said...

Thank you for the ride, Celine. It was wonderful and my also be the only balloon ride I will ever have.
Your poem equaled the pictures, both are great. You journey did remind me of our time in Egypt.
We landed by small cruise ship in Alexandria and then took the bus up along the Nile to Cairo. We didn't go further but someday may do a Nile river cruise on up.
It was only a one long day affair but we saw so many different things during that day. I was late at night when we returned to our ship.
I will now visit your OSI, Thinking poem. I had submitted that prompt and wanted to visit everyone but Mr. Linky broke that day before I could do it. It never did recover for that post.

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for your visit and the interesting comment you left behind. I do hope you get another opportunity to explore the rest of Egypt and a balloon ride in Luxor too. Delighted about your words of appreciation on my post. Thanks.

Jim said...

I had been to your 'Thinking' poem. Thank you. I remembered visiting right away because of the cute little boy pictures you had to match your verse. I returned your comment, I didn't need Mr. Linky to get to yours.
Next week's is 'Talisman' which may be hard for me. I will check to see if you have tried it.

indicaspecies said...

Yes, I recalled your visit to the post ''Thinking" only after I checked it out again...hehe!

Talisman sounds like a tough subject for me too, as I do not believe in any object with magical or supernatural powers. However, let me see what can I do on Sunday (the day I generally decide whether or not I could post something for OSI, and that is, if I am not on my travels).

Indrani said...

I too dream of a balloon ride some day. :) Great shots.

Patti said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful experience that would be! You captured it perfectly with your mix of words and photos~

Nisha said...

Wow !! They look so beautiful.

Haven't been in a hot air balloon. Was always scared of their (my) safety but your post makes me go for it.


indicaspecies said...

Thank you. Hope your dream comes true.

Thank you very much.

Go for it, and all the best.