February 10, 2009

OSI: Movement

Movement is the prompt provided for this week by One Single Impression, a community of poets online writing and sharing Haiku and other poetic forms.

My free verse this week is inspired by these photographs that I shot while in Nainital in February 2008.

Quivering waters
Like emotions
Stirred from within
Creating trembles
On that foggy day
I stood watching
And wondering
What ripples will I make
As I swim
In the sometimes calm
Other times turbulent
Waters of this life

Will I leave behind
A bequest of loving friends
And family
Would I succeed
Making my way
Into their hearts with love
That would belike
Make me whole
Or will I be just another one
Fading into oblivion
Like the ripples
Waning at the lake’s shore

Interaction of water with wind
Blowing from yonder
Like a tryst
Between time and space
Beams of light breaking
On the surface
Into million reflections
I stood there pondering
Gazing at the gleaming waters
Play of light and shadow
And movement
Of the shimmering ripples

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totomai said...

oh the ripples. it draws you to a place you and you alone.

Lakshmi said...

wonderful words..it definitely stirs you..a movement within, I must say

kitehorse said...

just watched the amazing movie Miss Potter which similarly takes place in the Lake District, not of Uttarakhand, but of England.

The emotions and dark lakes below the foothills seem so much like the feelings expressed in your verse !

Regina Marie said...

Gosh..that second shot too just captures your emotions. "Would I suceed making my way into their hearts with love" Beautiful reflections- I share this yearning. Thanks for stopping by as well-

Deborah Godin said...

Love how you weave the water in and out of this poem!

SandyCarlson said...

I wonder about the effect of my movement through this life, too.

floreta said...

lots of metaphor here and self reflection. great job! i like this a lot.. thanks for commenting on mine :)

floreta said...

lots of metaphor here and self reflection. great job! i like this a lot.. thanks for commenting on mine :)

Patti said...

What a beautiful poem and gorgeous pictures as well. Yes, I ponder the same questions as well- what effect do I have on others and what "ripples " will I leave behind? Thanks for sharing!


Jeeves said...

Beautiful poem. Love this.

Vamsee said...

What a beautiful poem!! What a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing

AJEYA RAO said...


gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

lovely poem, flowing and moving in many ways
Isn't the movement or stillness of water deliciously conducive to thought and poetry?
I've not been to India. Nice photos!

Maggie said...

Like ripples in water...I can see life viewed this way at times.

Amias said...

Each stanza could stand on its own, yet the ripples they make read for the second time is wonderful ... such is the movements of life.

Michele Benjamin RN, MSN said...

I hope you are enjoying your travels Celine!!!
I gave you an award today....see my post for today.