April 28, 2008

Together, No More

A poem written a long time back during the days of Despair.

With you, though reluctantly at first, I share the secrets of my heart,
Convey how I wish with you to walk the path of life so resplendent,
And chase a thousand colourful dreams, be happy and independent;

We spend time, I forget my woes, you make me laugh through my tear,
Build more confidence, and then I become free from all external fear,
We fit closely and comfortably well in our own glorious world of cheer;

We experience life, sharing great moments, mirthful in the present,
Meeting, dallying, giggling, everything is so wonderful and pleasant,
Living and laughing each day, united we are, happy and so content,

We travel, and marvel at nature, in rains and in all sorts of weather,
To the seas, valleys and up mountains where fluffy clouds gather,
Hear them whisper of our love, amid them feel light like a feather;

We are, on our backs, as we gaze and admire million twinkling stars,
We feel the night glitters for us, as we hear chorus in our hearts,
Lively spirit, our dreams soar, these enchanting moments are ours;

Together ,
In thoughts, you ever in mine, me in yours, in glee our minds meet,
Not feeling the need for anyone else, life seems so true and sweet,
United we explore many emotions, and feel somehow truly complete;

We are, and hear a voice from a distance, and then it’s right behind,
Interrupting our joyful personal world and our tranquil mind,
Threatening to break up our niche in which we are so intertwined;

We are, still you choose to turn, give her at first a fleeting glance,
To know the face that seems better, you commence your advance,
You opt to hover and linger, and then to her tune you begin to dance;

We are, but a new relationship with her, you wish to eagerly start,
Why does this proposition cause a wild storm in my gentle heart,
Try to accommodate her between us? Oh no, from that I wish to dart;

Are we? It does not seem so, suddenly feel no connection anymore,
In what was a smooth sail in sea, I sense now we've reached the shore,
Meaningless times and impaled conversation get to be an uneasy chore;

Together, no more,
Yet you ask me to be in touch, share what I feel, tell me how can I?
You do not see or understand how I went silent, and also just why,
I drown in the depths of my grief, to smile I try but that too goes wry;

Together, no more,
But I’ll not give up, shall stick to my fight knowing I’m now hardest hit,
Matters seem the worst, it’s hard to overcome, but I shall not quit,
Courage does not abandon me as I realize in your world I do not fit;

Together, no more,
Incomprehensible is the present connection, since you chose to stray,
The distance between us only grows with each sad passing day,
I see my dreams lose meaning, and fading one by one to a dull gray;

Together, no more,
In your journey of life, I truly hope you get what you seek to attain,
Years shall pass, life will go on, with measures of peace, and of pain,
Here I wonder, with dreams shattered, why must these memories remain?