September 11, 2007

On The Village Road

A few months back, I sped past this old man in a quiet village road.

Something from within made me have the vehicle take a reverse, and I walked across to him, gazed warmly into his eyes, smiled at him and I sought permission to take his picture. We then shook hands and I continued on my journey.

Unassuming he does look, nevertheless, as I looked at this picture today, the creativity in me stirred up and I felt he was talking to me thus:

Why are you hurrying, young lady?
Slow down from your fleeting world
No need to rush, take it real easy
You’re in a quiet lonely village road

I see you flustered in your personal world
Give up your consuming self-centered life
Be not so passionate for the wrong causes
Expel prejudice and grime from your heart

Superficial life fetches only discontent
Set right your distorted mind to clarity
Fill your life with zeal, serenity and joy
Interrupt it with love and care for humanity

Look at me, weak in body I wobble, falter
Never in a hurry on any given day
I halt to admire the flowers in bloom
Seize time and strength to soak in delight

I capture time to witness nature unfold
Listen to the birds sing, as I linger on
I have desire to admire the golden sunrise
This evening I'll also enjoy gazing as it sets

Why do I mysteriously continue to smile?
I thought of my life, that part with my wife
Recollected my youth with my sweet love
Times with her that have so swiftly passed

What am I thinking, you continue to ask?
I wish on earth lasting peace would abound
That people really learn to slow down
Everyday love each other more and more

Why do you have to hurry, sweet lady?
Slow down from your mad rushing world
No need to scuttle, take it real easy
You’re now on my safe serene village road



Jeana said...

man, im quite surprised u thought so much bout the poor old man.. i jus remember looking for that one hill from which we'd be able to see 23 others, n on the way the search for some bondas;).. but u managed to get Joy to stop the car to click a pic of the man.. and even write a poem on wut he'd be thinkin .. nice nice:) good goin chills..mwah

indicaspecies said...

jeana: Haha..I well recall, on that lovely day, in our quest to find that one particular hill to view 23 other hills from its top, we ended up instead roaming around approx 23 other hills! The trip was great and the day wasn’t wasted. Thanks for dropping by and your encouragement. It's said imagination knows no bounds and here I am trying to use it responsibly with a positive message. ;)

Tejas said...

In those eyes of the old man, the serene happiness can be witnessed. A life of fulfillment and purity.

Your poetry aptly puts across those feelings in words. Great flow! Superb work :)

indicaspecies said...

Tejas, thank you very much for your encouragement.

It's said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You see serenity, purity and fulfillment in the old man's eyes, and I sense those qualities are abounding in you.:)

GuNs said...

Wow, that really is awesome. Where exactly was this?


Viola said...

Hi Celine,
Thank you for visiting my blog.
It is so nice to know another country's life from your blog.
BTW the pictures of flower and old man, are well done.

indicaspecies said...

guns: Thanks. In a remote village near the Mangalore airport.

indicaspecies said...

viola: Thank you for dropping by and your kind words.

Pijush said...

Celine, I can see the pain in his agonizing face, we are really selfish sometime.

Very well written poem.
Superficial life fetches only discontent - fully agree with you.

indicaspecies said...

pijush: Yes, human nature is such that we are selfish at times.

Glad you liked the poem. :)

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

loved the way u wrote it.
amazing creativity

the pic is priceless..

gr8 shot miss

indicaspecies said...

Heart-filled [V],

Thank you very much.:)