July 18, 2007

To Himachal..again.

It is now time to throw in a few clothes and bare essentials in my backpack and take a flight to Delhi. Once there, I intend to head to HP and J&K as soon as possible.

I found some pictures taken about 8 years back using an ordinary camera around the misty outskirts of Shimla. The pictures here, of course, do not do justice to the actual beauty of the place. Not that my pictures turn out great today, but sometimes *sigh* I wish I were a good photographer; nevertheless, I am a happy person clicking away to glory.

The greenery I see looks refreshing. It's lovely to recollect the good times. This time, with a simple digicam, I am setting out to Manali and Leh, Ladakh and if possible, beyond.

I have a few things in my mind right now that I would have liked to write on this blog. However this much needed break I am taking will mean a 'netless' life which is sure to do me a whole load good. I shall return with a fresher body, mind and spirit and post more upon return. Till then, everyone, hold the floor. ;)


Bendtherulz said...

Greetings !!

Not bad....by the time I come back and check...you are already flying!! Leh Ladakh is amazing, you will love it - though I would recommend leh at the end of the trip. Start with Kaargil ( though I am not sure if you still need permission @ Delhi -home ministry ) to enter some sensitive places, otherwise you can travel to Zanskaar and more remote areas....!

If you are at Manali ( go further to Zari and must check out MALANA -only place which has not accepted any kind of rule - either british/ Indian....they are still free....) they claim to be Lost race from Alexander....

Byee and safe travels ~

The Lad said...

Hey nice shots..love himachal...
go there uite ooften!!!

Love Manali..rohtang,simla,chahal,mecleadganj..allll

GMG said...

Céline, hope you have a beautiful trip to India. We'll miss you, but look forward to seeing your photos. The ones here are fantastic.
Sorry for not coming to your help with the Ardèche post earlier; you can find it here.

backpakker said...

The pics do seem good...hope you have a great trip

Kalyan said...

WoWWW...Some beautifully captured shots form Himachal and have a nice & safe trip to HP & J&K!

Crazy Me said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics. Hope your trip is fantastic!

Pijush said...

Nice pics, It reminds me Mussouri. Waiting for your posts and you are blogrolled. Have a nice and vacation, Njoy.

GuNs said...

Oh boy, oh boy. Looks like a fun tour ahead.

I got some amazing photos on my tour of HP and Uttaranchal last year. Unfortunately I lost all photos from my blog because Zoto.com, the photo hosting site decided to suddenly go paid only and screw us up. I have an entire post on that episode on my blog.

Good luck and hope to see lots of photos soon.


Kavi said...

Thanks for stopping by at my space ! I indeed appreciate your comments. Sorry for the late response..

Great Pictures ! Keep the work over here. You have a great space here..

indicaspecies said...

I’ve now reluctantly returned. To each and everyone who showered me with good wishes for my holidays, I say thank you very much. All your goodness is truly appreciated.:)

indicaspecies said...

bendtherulz: Leh and rest of Ladakh was indeed amazing. Sadly, I cut short my trip after the Nubra Valley and did not make it to Kargil. I feel my thirst for the mountains in that region isn't quenched as yet and I shall return to HP including trips to Dharamsala, valleys of Spiti and Kaza, and then to Leh again and Kargil including Zanskaar. Noted about Zari - for next time. Thanks a lot:)

the lad: Thank you very much. I have lotsa pictures of this trip, which I shall be posting shortly on this blog:)

gmg: Thank you for your good wishes. I shall be posting my pictures shortly. Thanks also for the link on Ardèche. I just checked out and must say it’s breathtaking:)

backpakker: Thank you very much:)

kalyan: Thanks a lot:)

crazy me: Thank you very much:)

pijush: Thanks a lot for your wishes, and for being blogrolled. I shall continue to write and post pics in the near future:)

guns: Thanks you very much. I’ll check on your posting. Sorry to hear about your pics. You can take all my pics which I shall start posting asap:)

kavi: Thank for your visit here and your kind comments. See you around:)

itisthelittlethings said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, as it led me to yours. You do not need to wish you were a good photographer...you are! And seeing images of places I have never been, and may never go was really exciting!

indicaspecies said...

itisthelittlethings: Thank you very much for your visit here and your kind words. Glad you like the pictures. :)

Sameera said...

I have always been enthralled by the mystiques of Leh and Ladakh.Hope to make a trip there sometime in life.

Great pics :)