July 5, 2007

Jai Hind

Indian Embassy, Kuwait
Photograph courtesy google

I just got back from the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. Had gone there to apply for a new passport early this morning and the token number I got was 207. Presumed I will get my turn after at least a couple of hours, so I risked going to office instead of waiting and quickly completed some urgent work, and in an hour and half went back to the Embassy and there it was - token 204. Within 5 minutes I got my chance at the counter, and in another 5 minutes I was out of the beautiful Embassy grounds.

It is said that the Embassy grounds is the first introduction of a country in another country. Am not qualified to comment on the architecture of a building, yet I can say with certainty that the Indian Embassy here is a unique structure that depicts the image of India. It is situated close to the Arabian Sea and is tucked in the embassies protected area of Kuwait. It has an intriguing design and the fine way it has been constructed makes it stand apart from the rest of the buildings around it.

Is it Indian architecture, or is it local architecture or is it a blend of both? Am not quite sure, but it does look very neat and modern with its fascinating red tinge and seems to be truly reflecting the personality of India to the outside world – seems private and secure yet invitingly open to the public, especially to the people who want to learn more about our incredible India.

I would like to commend the excellent services of the embassy staff, in general, and the person who attended to me today at the counter, in particular. He was polite and concise, he clearly conveyed information, went in for a couple of minutes to seek permission from higher authority with regard to my special request, accommodated me as I paused for a few extra seconds just prior to making a critical decision, and with a smile was done with his business. Quite efficient I must say.

I’ve heard a few people here carelessly complaining about the Embassy’s inefficient services, but I have mostly noticed that those are the very people who do not follow instructions and then it is a nerve-testing experience for them as well as the Embassy staff to complete the transaction they started out with. Such people should understand that the Embassy caters to a huge population of Indians in this country. Come on folks, let’s stop complaining, instead, let us cooperate and make everyone’s life simpler.

As for me, I shall get my new passport next week. It shall be a jumbo size passport that is normally issued for frequent travellers.

So, now it’s time to make some plans to get out of this place for another short summer break. Temperature is shooting up like crazy. It is 49 degrees Centigrade today. By the end of the month it’s likely to touch 60. A furnace.



Abbby. said...

Hello, i saw your comment on my blog!
Hurts to see professionals like you actually taking time to see my nonsensical blog, hehe, thanks.

You're from Mangalore? Well we people are from Malaysia, doing the MBBS degree in Manipal.

Nice blog you have here, i enjoy reading it!

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Professionals, paraprofessionals and others - I'm sure you agree that we are all human beings of this world and each one is important.

Your blog is certainly not nonsensical. I giggled about some stuff there. It is cute.

I hope you guys have a lovely time in Manipal / Mangalore as you are preparing to turn out into successful professionals in the noble profession you have chosen. Good luck, cheers and have a great day:)