July 9, 2009

Roadtripping Sahyadris: Part 3

Mumbai - Andheri - Varsova - Thane - Shahpur -
Kasara Ghats - Nasik - Sinnar

An Evening in Sinnar

Clouds come floating into my life...
to add color to my sunset sky
~ Rabindranath Tagore

As of now on this day, I completed a journey of 185 kms on the two-wheeler and so looked out for a place to settle down as it began to get dark.

And thus I reach this sleepy town called Sinnar where I find more cattle on the road than vehicles...

After quickly freshening up at a small motel following that long ride, I decide to go out to stretch my legs and find the sun getting ready to set...

The evening is magical and it is a captivating sight to watch the photons of yellow and orange scattered through the atmosphere and reflecting the colors on the road...

I get a shot of the delightful hues of the twilight sky with a bus in the foreground as it sped by...

I also get a capture of a BEST bus chasing it...

Finally it is back to the motel to retire for the night.

For skies around the world, do visit Sky Watch Friday here.

....... to be continued

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Roses and Lilacs said...

A very flat land. It reminds me of the plains of Illiois. You took some lovely photos. What an exciting adventure.

Steffi said...

Really nice photo´s !Fantastic shots!
Thank you for your nice comment.Yes, it´s right - the island could be Zanzibar!Thank you!
Have a nice weekend!

Merisi said...

You must have been so tired after such a long day on a two-wheeler!

The images are spectacular! My favorite is the one with the bus just before it passes under the tree, but each and every one is wort at least a second look.

You always make me feel like I learned something truly new and special about this world of ours. Thank you! :-)

david mcmahon said...

Did you say ``two-wheeler''? That's a great way to explore the land!

Denise said...

That sounds like an incredible road trip, beautiful photos, thank you.

Regina said...

Nice skies and great shots.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Your adventure is as spectacular as your spectral skies all captured in awesome hue indeed!

Thanks for the peek.

introspection said...

Reminded me of the wonderful trips I did to this area though not on a 2 wheeler. That must be some experience.
Love the pictures..!!
Congrats for nomination to POTD

Sandi McBride said...

Seems you're having quite the adventure...I'm envious! Congratulations on Post of the Mention from David! Great photography here!

Merisi said...

Congratulations on being a Post of the Day Award over at David McMahon's Authorblog! :-)

Dewdrop said...

The line and the color in the 3rd shot are stunning!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful shots of the sunset! the colors are amazing. congrats on the POTD mention!

Arija said...

Superb evening, beautiful skies and great photos, love the cows on the road but more than all else I love the tree in the bus shots. You really deserved your rest.

SandyCarlson said...

These are really marvelous photos. What a great country.

uncleawang said...

Wow!! what a trip..look at the scenery,i love it's.I hope you enjoy the trip & thanks for the visit of my blog.

Final_Transit said...

TWO wheeler? ahem!...

Oh btw the red-yellow bus is not BEST bus, its a ST (State Transport) bus. The white-green buses are also ST's, they are called 'Asiad' since they appeared around then. btw, I remember writing a poem ages ago...

लाल-पिवळी एस. टी.
कुठे जाते एकटी?
इकडे थांब, तिकडे थांब,
चढु का मि वरती?

(Red-Yellow S.T.
Where are you going alone?
A stop here, a stop there,
Shall I board you?)

Oh thanks so much, I got lost for a moment!!

Shantanu said...

Excellent pictures...I like the unique silhouette of the tree in the fading sunlight.

jinksy said...

I take my hat off to your adventurous spirit, as well as your photography. I'm with Marisi on the choice of fvourite - the bus before the tree is a stunner!

Indrani said...

Great post, Celine.

Debbie said...

Such an incredible contrast to what I see every day. Lovely photos.

Deborah Godin said...

Beautiful, peaceful scenes - you must have slept well knowing the sky was full of stars.

Karen said...

What a gorgeous sky !!!! I love the layers of colours and the reflections on the road..

Great captures !!

Melusine said...

Awesome set of images!

Grace Albaugh said...

I just love the subtle colors in the sky. So beautiful.

Mridula said...

There is something about sunset and sunrises, they make the same place so much more beautiful!

The Explorer said...

your entries are always interesting feels like i am also traveling..

by the way, just like to thank you for dropping by to my site. really appreciate it.

Vinita said...

Amazing Sunset Pics!

magiceye said...


indicaspecies said...

I am overwhelmed with the kind words. Thank you very much one and all.
Thanks David for the mention at Post Of The Day.

Roses and Lilacs,
Thank you. I’m glad you found it so.

I hope to go to Tanzania some day, and who knows may then reach Zanzibar too.

A bit tired at the end of the day but happy. You are generous with your kind words and they encourage me to do better. Thank you for the additional wishes after your visit to Authorblog.:)

Yes, two-wheeler. Thank you very much for choosing my post worthy of a mention in your Post Of The Day. I am very pleased.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for bringing in good news, and the appreciation.

Thanks a lot. You are special at Authorblog and in blogland.

I like that shot too.

Thank you very much.

The evening was enchanting. Thank you for dropping by and your encouraging words.

Thanks. You make me smile.

Thank you for your visit here.

Yea, two-wheeler.;)
Good for me to learn about the different buses, thank you.
I loved your poetry in Marathi which I could read easily. It has child like wonder and enthusiasm. Thank you for posting it and hope you get lost in such a sweet way more often.:)

Thanks. That picture seems to be a fav of many.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Glad you liked them, thanks.

Deborah Godin,
I did.:)
Thank you for dropping by and leaving behind a few words.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Grace Albaugh,
It was a superb evening.

Indeed. I almost always pull out my cam during sunrises and sunsets.

The Explorer,
I am glad you feel so. Thanks for the kind words.

Thank you.

Thanks Deepak.

GMG said...

Great sunsets!!

indicaspecies said...

It was indeed a beautiful evening.