June 27, 2009

Roadtripping Sahyadris: Part 1

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Mumbai - Andheri - Varsova - Thane

If you have a long weekend to spend away from home, what would you do and where would you go?

Have you ever begun a journey not knowing where you want to reach? You may ask, ‘If you don’t know where you’re going how will you know you’ve arrived?’ That question may sound good for a group discussion, but for me, I didn’t need an answer as I got an opportunity to set out on an unexpected journey last month.

Without planning on proper gear, attire, accommodation, or any other details except carrying a small backpack with bare essentials and loads of enthusiasm, I set off as a pillion rider on a motorbike.

It began on an early morning even before seeing the lights of dawn. Then ended up in .....wait. Follow me for the next few posts and I'll share this journey with a few photographs that I shot along the way.

Ready to meet the challenges of the day, and overtaking the numerous trucks and few private cars passing by that highway, it seemed I was the only one interested in shooting pictures at that hour when dawn was breaking through the morning darkness.

After a quite unusual almost traffic-free road trip from Andheri to Thane, the sight of the River Ulhas in the early morning trace of light was dreamy. So were these people dreaming in their makeshift bed on the roadside.

If I am not mistaken, the above is the River Ulhas opening up into the estuary of Vasai Creek at Varsova.

The Thane Creek flows south towards the Bombay Harbour. The sun was lazily lifting its golden head.

The birds woke up to sing sweetly, it was time to stop and listen...

The sun began to rise and there was the promise of a beautiful new day...

Yes, every new day holds beautiful moments, and new dreams waiting to be fulfilled. Let's go find out what is in store today...

....... to be continued


Lakshmi said...

Celine, u cant imagine how much Im missing Mumbai reading this post..

rabbit said...

lovely pics there...
u love making me jealous...



Cuckoo said...

The pictures are so beautiful that they don't look a part of Mumbai. Pillion riding must be very cool.

AJEYA RAO said...

Nice..I am going to Mumbai this Oct...

Urvashi Iyengar said...


It's always been thrilling to read your blogs. Await anxiously the remaining part of this ...

Warm regards,


Final_Transit said...

hehehe, nice to see someone explore these areas, they were quite regular to me... hehehe :)

Saibal Barman said...

Lovely departure from the vales and hills to portray on a different canvas...
Lovelier to know of its untimely, unplanned, uncared for setting off..the journey that neither had a moment to part with nor a comforting hand to touch at its finality...it is so much connected to life's own flow--some desire, some exploration, some successes, some failures and some memories held between sense and sensibility !

Mridula said...

Beautiful pictures, particularly the one with the bridge in view. Good to see a new post.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks for passing by friend..your blog is awesome..here's wishing u all the best in life..do stay connected

Debbie said...

What great photos! Maybe I can just travel through your blog.

GMG said...

Hi Celine! Great to see that there are people waking up early to take some great dawn pictures for us to see... ;)

Blogtrotter is anticipating the 4th of July fireworks; but in a different country... It has some late night photos... ;)
Have a great weekend (or vacation, should you have that chance...)!

magiceye said...

gorgeous images!
am continuing the journey with you!

indicaspecies said...

I can imagine as right now, I too miss Mumbai and the rains.

Thanks. Now how do I make you jealous?;)

I like to be a pillion rider, so I can be free to look around. Mumbai has a charm of its own, won’t you agree?

Wish you happy times in October.

Urvashi Iyengar,
Thanks. Do drop by anytime.

Everyday scenes to one can be fascinating to another, right?
I enjoyed roadtripping the Sahyadris.;)

It was a change from the usual mountain trips, and yes, not planned at all. I can be capricious at times, you see.:)

Thank you. I like that picture too and was on my desktop for a few days.

Thank you for dropping by, your nice comments and good wishes.

Thanks, and you are always welcome.

I try and capture the sunrise and sunset whenever possible.

Thanks Deepak. Hope you enjoy the journey.