February 13, 2009

SWF: Mana Village

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Mana Village
Uttarakhand, India

I shot these pictures while on a short trek from Badrinath to the Himalayan Mana Village in August 2008. It is the last village at the Indo-Tibet border. Some places famous in Hindu mythology like Vyas Gufa, Ganesh Gufa, Bhimpul, Vasudhara Falls lie close to the Mana Village. In winter, the villagers move down to Joshimath or Chamoli when thick snow blankets the Mana Village.


CTG Ponies said...

Great picture! You really captured the village.

Anonymous said...

Very cool pics of a very remote region, thanks for sharing:)

magiceye said...

awe inspiring sights!!

nonizamboni said...

Both of your photos are wonderful and especially capture the immensity and elevation of this area.
Thanks for sharing a part of your world!

Tess said...

Beautiful shots!

Carol said...

Great photos...beautiful mountains and misty clouds...

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The topography is beautiful!

Dot O said...

Your photos are beautiful! What scenic captures and so much more interesting than what I have in my immediate area.

Too many houses around me block my view! LOL.

Happy SWF!

Lakshmi said...

lovely celine..the mist has a surreal quality abt it

Fida said...

Even though I don’t have time to drop by every day those days, when I do, I read every bit! Greetings from the sunny but cold Shuswap and Happy Valentine, Celine!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the pristine, clean air up there as you soak up the view.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my absence. Shame on me for not visiting. - Well, my dear, as I catch up... flipping through your posts I see beautiful places (as usual), your reflective and emotional poetry and also your humor. The marriage post and your New Year's resolutions (especially your office mate) had me smiling and giggling.

Louise said...

This looks like and enchanted place.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

The first pic is simply breathtaking!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Incredible shots.

bendtherulz said...

Loved both the shots....very dreamy....!!!

Suhasini K Bhat said...

Beautiful shots....beautiful place. I have also been there. I will shortly write about these places in my blog.

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