June 27, 2008


This post is inspired by Spiritwoman, a blogger I stumbled across last month, who made me realize, while exchanging comments at this post, that the world is not wicked.

We're empowered
To change the world
No excuses
For lack of solutions
Take individual responsibility
For what's happening

It must be an objective
Not an ideal
To have a world
Without war
Not fear nightmares
Instead make peace a reality

Let's contribute to world peace
With our actions
Let's believe in ourselves
And start right…now!

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
- Mother Theresa

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Indrani said...

You wrote this?
Inspiring lines Celine.

Nomadic Matt said...

This is a great poem! excellent!!

Love the ghandi quote!!!

Thanks for always commenting on my site too!

Cuckoo said...

Ahaa ! Again something beautiful from you, eh ?

indicaspecies said...


Yes, I wrote this. Another one of my fifty-five creations. I'm very glad it inspired you.:)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you. I'm glad you found it so.
I liked your post on historical sites.:)

indicaspecies said...


You think so?;)
Thank you.:)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely 55 Fiction!You seem to like this way of writing :)

As they say,"little drops of water make an ocean".

Beautiful post!

indicaspecies said...

Fiction? Hmmm..Let's call it more of a message..hopefully inspirational.

Yes, I'm enjoying this for now. Thank you for your comment Sameera.:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words...The spirit in the words is simply amazing & gives us still a lot of hope & it shows there is nothing static in the world & we must be the energy to change this world for the better....lovely inspirational post

Lakshmi said...

very inspiring and motivating

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for the encouragement and I am delighted that you found this inspiring.:)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you.:)

Saibal Barman said...

After a long pause, I am back to the city...and, it is nice to read so many beautiful pieces appearing in your blog during this period.
I've chosen this one to put my comment as it seems to be the most striking presentation amongst the lot. The emotional involvement to the contents is rarely seen now in poetry. I should not make any comment on whether it is inspirational to the masses or not, as I believe in not judging the masses, but the self. I have learnt to rectify own guilts, own faults; but never felt qualified, spiritually or ethically, to judge others. But, I must say it goes straight to my soul. Without confining it to women's power, I may feel satiated with its natural flavour of enthusiasm. I truly loved its blending with emotional conveying of the poet.
While individual consciousness is narrowly marginalised in the present world, contribution towards all godly deeds remain marginalised too to individual level. A collective consciousness to greater sense often fails to withstand collective tyranny of the privileged ( I mean what you know ) and, thus wars take place more often than in the medieval ages, societies break faster than in the earlier centuries and dualism in mind is more prevalent (good sense at individual or family level; but collectively dictated by evil sense) than in even early modern age. Thus, messages of saner people find no finer channel to reach up to the field needing irrigation and fertility. That's one of the saddest tragedies of the modern world! Yet, I respect your message and wish it reaches as many and as penetratingly as it hoped to do !
While writing all these, one beautiful sentence of Shakespeare comes to my mind; I end this comment with the quote:--
"It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are no deeds"

Best wishes ever,

indicaspecies said...


Your response is like an extension to my own post.

Yes I do know what you mean by "collective tyranny of the privileged" and even though my message may "find no finer channel to reach up to the field needing irrigation and fertility" I will, however, continue to write on what I feel I should.

If the message has touched just one person, I'll still consider my purpose of writing has been served and that is success for me.

Thank you very much for a thought provoking comment and please accept my best wishes too.:)