May 16, 2008

Caves of Panna

This post is to seek help from those who have travelled, or have knowledge of areas, in and around Panna and its National Park. Panna is in the Vindhyan hill range of the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

While on my way to Bandhavgarh National Park, I came across this beautiful spot in the Panna National Park that has some caves that the taxi driver said are populary called as Pandav caves. I have tried to find out more information on the web on these caves but my efforts have been futile.

Any help in providing any information or identifying this spot will be much appreciated. Please note I am not referring to the Pandav Caves of Pachmarhi.

I shall post more details on Panna and its National Park in due course.


Anonymous said...

Aaaa.. the water looks tempting. :)

If you have a picture of the entire pond/lake/waterbody, do share.

indicaspecies said...

Guess you wish to swim in there. :)

Arun, the third picture shows both the caves and the lake.

You might like to check out the area on top of hill from where water starts flowing serenely:

backpakker said...

Fantastic pictures Celine...I am tempted to leave right away ..

Ram said...

During my last visit to Khajuraho, someone did mention about these caves. Being on official visit, with return air tickets all firmed up, I had to resist the temptation of going to these caves. The popular belief is that these caves date back to the Pandava's thirteenth year of exile.

Your post has created a strong urge to visit the caves soonest.

Thanks for sharing these astounding pictures.

indicaspecies said...


Thank you. It's the place that's beautiful. :)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you very much for your visit and the kind words on the pictures. Yes, the place was close to Kajuraho, and the information that you provided lead me to many more links and I've now got a better idea of the captioned caves. Shall browse more and write another post on it sometime, together with other remaining pictures that I have.

Again, thanks a lot for your help, and I hope you get a chance to visit the Pandav Falls. :)

GMG said...

Hi Celine! Here I am for the weekly visit… ;)
Sorry, can't help, but the pictures are gorgeous!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, which has now landed in the imperial town of Marrakesh, the Red City!
Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

david mcmahon said...

I'd never heard of these caves, Celine - but they look amazing. That water calls us in for a swim!

Anonymous said...

Hey Celine, making a quick check of whats happening here. So much more to read!

There are numerous Pandava caves scattered around the country and I remember reading about a project that was trying to map their movements during their 13 year term in the forests.

Nice pictures, does the water have crocodiles?

Alok said...

I guess, its a wonderful place and no need to mention that you have clicked some beautiful pics.

BTW, you have a very nice blog quite informative and fully loaded :)

Indrani said...

Sorry I am of no help,but cool shots Celine.

Cuckoo said...

Hey Celine,

Water looks so serene and tempting. Write more about the place, will add this to my list.

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for your nice comment and good wishes. Have a great week. :)

indicaspecies said...


Hey, long time!

Thanks for your kind visit and comment. I did not dare to swim without knowing what lurks in there. :)

indicaspecies said...


Welcome back from Peru!

Yes, Pandav Caves and Pandav Falls. I believe its a pretty sight in monsoons. :)

I do not know if there are crocodiles, but with other reptiles in mind, I did not want to take any chance. But I did have a good time dangling my feet into the water at another convenient spot where the water was shallow and crystal clear. ;)

indicaspecies said...


Welcome and thank you very much for your kind words and compliments.

I hope you do drop by sometimes, which would certainly encourage me further. :)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you and glad you liked them. :)

indicaspecies said...


To your list of places to visit, I presume. If so, it's well worth it and its pretty close to Kajuraho. :)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Oooh lovely "blue lagoon" :)

The caves look splendid!

indicaspecies said...


Thank you. May I address you as the beautiful Brooke Shields? Oh, you are better, are you? Hahaha!

Sanjay said...

Hey I have been to this place. Check out few pics at

You can get more details about this place at

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for dropping by and your kind comment. I checked your pictures on mustseeindia. Congratulations on the new site.:)

Since these pictures here were shot in December, because of post-monsoon settlement of the silt, the waters in these pictures are a more beautiful colour, do you agree?

Sanjay said...

I guess so. The water in your pictures seems so much more clear. I went there in Oct and the water looks muddy.
Check out this pic ... The whole reservoir looks like a heart. The picture would have been much better had the water color be as in ur pics.