March 12, 2008

Back to Pavilion

I wish to thank all of you who have been here and wished me well, in thoughts and in words. Thank you for your kind concern and care.

I'm back from the cosmopolitan national capital city of India and visits to some of its fine educational institutions.

Work accomplished, I took the opportunity to explore the city further. This time, in addition to another visit to the Raisina Hill and a leisure walk on the Rajpath (a must during each visit to the capital), I also had a pleasant experience travelling in its impressive Metro.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed revisting a few more grand monuments of the Mughal era and particularly explored the Red Fort, the Humayun's Tomb and the Jama Masjid.

Red Fort

Humayun's Tomb Complex

Juma Masjid

I made time to get away from the urban milieu as always, and managed to visit a hill station of the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas, with its highest mountain at a height of 8,579 feet and it was a delightful time around the various lakes of that area.


The highlight of the trip to this nature lover was a safari to the oldest National Park of India that covers almost 1,300 sq km protecting some of the endangered species of flora and fauna and I particularly enjoyed the avi-fauna there.

Corbett National Park

Spring time at Bhimtal

More details on this trip will follow in my posts after I am done with the series I've begun on my December 2007 trip to Madhya Pradesh.


Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !!
What a coincidence ! I too have been to Delhi and experienced the Metro in last fortnight. And like you I was delighted.
Read here and here about the detailed report on Metro.

Delhi never ceases to amuse me.

Saibal Barman said...

Nature is fine with Spring when swallow sings sweetly...
Nice to see you back...
In the meanwhile, we wished to launch a new blog ( funny idea to make it an online journal ! ) expecting a dramatic failure soon.
If you find reasons to spend some stupid hours, just log on to "".
Best wishes,

Arun said...

Pickup City of Djinns now.. :)

And would want to read your earlier exploration of MP - pachmari in particular. :)

indicaspecies said...
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indicaspecies said...


Thank you very much. :)

We might have crossed our paths in Delhi..haha! Wasn't it a pleasant surprise to see the efficiency of the spic-and-span Delhi Metro?

There's more: love for good food, walk on Rajpath, not to mention the general good feeling. I commented on your blog a little while ago. :)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for the kind words, and your invitation to trekwords.

I had a quick look at it, and it seems like a good idea, though I am not sure if my contribution can be of much value. I am, however, pretty confident that when you are around, it can't be a failure.

Anyway, I shall pass by it again at leisure and shall be in touch with you shortly. Would be pleased to help if I can. :)

indicaspecies said...


I am in the City of Djinns..haha!
Mail me a copy yaar. ;)

I'll soon start writing about my trip to all places I went to in MP - all, except Pachmarhi..LOL

I'll email you. ;)

GMG said...

Hi Celine, so you're finally back, after a dinner at Karim and a lot of other beauties for us to see... ;)) I look forward to seeing your next posts!
Meanwhile I keep myself busy with the Greek Isles; hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

indicaspecies said...


Good to hear from you and great to read about Santorini and the beautiful isles of Greece.

Thanks for your good wishes and have a great weekend yourself too. :)

backpakker said...

welcome back..though am a bit late here ..beautiful pics of spring..the flowers here bloomed just a week ago and the heat has already killed them and they are looking wan ..looks like no spring here ..will be havg summer rightaway

indicaspecies said...


Thanks. Glad you liked the pictures.

I was in India last year in summer, and the heat was unbearable.

The weather is perfect here right now and flowers have bloomed all over. Just like over there, this will not last long, as the summer is just round the corner. It's a sad sight to see them all wilt away.

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Welcome back dear :)

Beautiful snapshots once more,I simply loved the first two!

Have a great week ahead!

indicaspecies said...


Thank you - for the welcome, the appreciation, and the good wishes. Those two pictures are two of my fav too. :)

Vienna for Beginners said...

Celine, everything looks magnicent, but the tall gates are out of this world beautiful! Will you have more photos?
I am so glad you had a great time and I am looking forward to your report and photos.

Anonymous said...

And the picture is fixed:) I like these 'snapshot' reports of your trips, this is the second one I am reading :)

indicaspecies said...


That's such a good compliment from a photographer. Thank you for your care and kind words.

I do have more photos that I shall be posting in subsequent posts. Please drop by sometimes. :)

indicaspecies said...


Yea, picture fixed.
Snapshot reports..haha
When back from a trip, I have so many pictures, so I think, why not share a few? :)