November 15, 2007

Jaigarh and Nahargarh Forts

For those travellers interested in the majestic past of India, the Jaigarh Fort of Jaipur is a good destination. Known also as the "Victory Fort," Jaigarh Fort is located at a comfortable distance of 15 kms from the city of Jaipur.

The journey to the Fort includes a climb passing through forests. I watched the locals scaling the climb effortlessly even as the SUV I was in was struggling to gather momentum at the steepness at certain points. I stopped on the way and decided to stroll in the peaceful and inviting woodlands.

Peacock in the wilderness

Except for the sound of occasional vehicles passing on the road in the distance (where the SUV driver-cum-guide waited for me patiently), I enjoyed the walk through the wilderness for almost an hour. I particularly loved the solitude watching the movement of birds and animals. Sometimes they scurried past in spite of my quiet steps. It was an out of this world feeling to be all alone, in a remote corner of the world, listening to the sweet sounds of the many birds there. Upon returning the driver-cum-guide expressed his disapproval for exploring deep into the forest for so long, and that too, all alone.

Isn't he cute?

The Fort offers a wonderful view of the city below, which my camera was unable to capture well. (The unskilled, but earnest, photographer blames the camera).

Jaipur City view

Jaigarh or Fort of Victory was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur in 1726. Jaigarh Fort was used as the treasury of the royal family of Jaipur.

The Diwa Burj watchtower offers an excellent viewpoint from where tourists can look across the town.

There is a massive wheeled cannon by the name of Jaivan, which is believed to be the largest cannon in the World and the main attraction of the Jaigarh Fort.

This Fort is on top of the hill, while Amber Fort is at the bottom. Many people regard the two as one complex however both of them are well connected with well guarded passages. Jaigarh Fort was made to tighten the security of Jaipur and Amber Fort, and due to this fact, some do not find this fort as artistic as other forts and palaces, but I found it certainly has its own charm.

Jaigarh Fort shot on the way down to Jaipur City

Nahargarh Fort is the first of the three forts built by Maharaja Jai Sawai Singh of Jaipur. The Fort stands at the top of rugged point of the Aravalis and offers a spectacular view of the City. The Fort was made to serve as a means of supporting the security of Amer. The term Nahargarh refers to “the Abode of Tigers” so it is also known as the Tiger Fort. The Fort was constructed mainly in 1734, however further additions were made to it, by the succeeding rulers in the 19th century.

Nahargarh Fort

There are numerous buildings situated inside the Nahargarh Fort and amongst them, Madhavendra Bhawan appeals the most. It was built by Sawai Ram Singh II and has a series of interconnected rooms with colorful corridors and hallways.

One of the many beautiful corridors

The geometrically designed Nahargarh Fort looks its best in the night, when it is dazzlingly lit and forms a remarkable backdrop of Jaipur.

Jaigarh and Nahargarh Forts stand as symbols of the royal heritage of Jaipur and speaks of its majestic past. A visit to these Forts made my trip to Jaipur a memorable one.


Anonymous said...

We have wild turkeys and squirrels. You have peacocks and monkeys. Beautiful tour of the forts.

Anonymous said...

I must say that you have presented a lot of beautiful photographs here and a running narrative that is compellng and also interesting. I am glad I came.

going green again

Priyank said...

Nicee pictures. Do you have a picture of Jaivan too?? I hope people are not writing the names of their loved ones on the walls....:D

imac said...

Love your photos and cute monkey.

RamaG said...

absolutely mind blowing pictures.


Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Celine
Thanks for a great travelogue.
Pics are really excellent.I especially liked the corridor one.
@ deepak-Thank you for the

Ananda Niyogi said...

Excellent narrative and nice photos Celine! The ramparts in the 4th photo evoked a lot of memories because an important scene in Satyajit Ray's movie 'Golden Fortress' takes place right there, in Nahargarh fort. I must have watched that movie more than 50 times when I was a child :-)

I have never been to Rajasthan and will surely include this place in my itinerary when I do!

Imagination said...

Well, those were great pictures, inded!

Anonymous said...

Hi Celine,
I just tagged you for an easy game. If you would like to play.

San said...

Beautiful photos, Celine. The vista from that fort at the top must be breathtaking.

indicaspecies said...

U.S. has rich wildlife as well. Btw, that monkey-like-guy is a gibbon. Gibbons resemble monkeys but are without tail and of course both belong to the same Order in the animal kingdom, Primates.

I accept your tag Darlene and thanks. :)

It’s a pleasure to see you here and am glad you found something of interest here.

I must say you have a truly impressive collection in your fantastic site. Thank you for your kind words. :)

Thanks. Name-writing at the monuments is a rotten habit of a lousy bunch.

I kept looking at Jaivan from all directions but I have no clue why I did not click any picture. :)

Perhaps you might wish to check out this google link:

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Bahut bahut shukriya. :)

Welcome to my space. I am glad you liked these pictures. :)

I’m happy you liked this post. Your information about Ray’s movie is news to me. Thank you for sharing.

I can’t wait to explore the rest of Rajasthan myself, and I hope you get a chance to visit soon. :)

Thank you. :)

Yes, the view is delightful, and am glad you liked these pictures.

I have to mention here that your last post was simply superb. :)

backpakker said...

I love forts ..history always excites me...we went to both these forts ..nice pics..thanks for sharing

Pijush said...

Jaipur is one of my dream cities. The Pink city is a must seen place and I am sure you enjoyed the place. Nice capture Celine.

indicaspecies said...

Thank you. The pleasure is mine. :)

indicaspecies said...

I did enjoy the cultural experience very much. Thanks. :)

Sigma said...

Great post, wit wonderful pictures and beautiful description.
Well, it certainly isn't quite advisable to venture into the forest - if nothing else, monkeys can be quite a menace ...

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for your compliments and words of caution. :)