November 1, 2007

Good Morning

Daybreak from an airplane window


backpakker said...

wow ..what a start to the new month..must confess though that Im not a morning person

imac said...

Wow, were we in a plane?? to get such a shot.

RamaG said...

Hey there. Sorry I've been quite busy lately and hence the hiatus in posting comments and also replying to it.

Great pictures.


Michele Benjamin said...

Hi Celine,
I don't know if you remember me or not....I am Michele, Laveena's friend.
I have to tell you that I love your blog!!!
so many beautiful pictures!!!!
you are doing an awesome job!!!
thanks for shining your light and helping to make the world a better place!!!!

Pijush said...

I second Backpakker, coz I am late riser also :-)
Nice shots Celine

Anonymous said...

Cock-a-doodle-do says the rooster.

bendtherulz said...

I love early morning shots - growing up in deserts made me appreciate the Sun and its varied color!!

And I love your shots - the way sun is coming out from clouds....!!

Sunshine wishes to you.... :)

Tk care ~

tamil aruvi said...

Those were probably the best of the best shots of morning light! In your "About me" column in your complete profile,"Wish a good photographer" - the few words are true, indeed!

Great pictures.

-Tamil Aruvi

Thinking aloud said... really must have been a good morning...great photos...:))

Kerri said...

HI Celine,
I just hopped over here from Imac's blog.....I'll do some exploring.

These shots are wonderful....I am definitely a morning person!!

GMG said...

Wow, great shots from my favourite lookout: up in the air! And further, from the only place where I would be able to see the sun rising; and even so... ;))
Have a great weekend!

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for your visit. Your pictures of Switzerland are wow!

Yes, an aeroplane or should I say an aircraft? :)

Hey, good to see you around and thank you. :)

michele benjamin:
Hey hi Michele, what a pleasant surprise! Of course I remember you. Welcome to my blog and am glad you like it. I'll visit by yours shortly. Thanks for all your kind words. We'll be in touch more often now. :)

Thanks Pijush.

I was up at 5:30 am but missed out on all the early morning shots at Failaka. Will tell you about it later on. :)

Chewy has lost her shoe
Her master's lost his fiddling stick
While Chewy was busy doing treat or trick ;)

Hello there, is VoF-II ready? Where did you grow up young man?
I'm glad you like the shots and wish you a warm, happy and sunshine filled day to you. :)

tamil aruvi:
Hi, thank you for your compliments. Do drop by sometimes. :)

thinking aloud:
Thanks. Yes, it was a good morning and I met a good friend that very morning as soon as I landed. Can you imagine my joy then? :)

Thanks a lot for dropping by and your sweet words. Do drop by sometimes. :)

Gil, thank you. You must be enjoying such sights pretty often. :)

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly excellent sunrises or sunsets (I can't tell which) here on your blog. Usually I will only get to see those that have brilliant red sky or some other color but none quite so peaceful as your shots.


indicaspecies said...

I like the word 'peaceful' that you have used to describe these sunrise shots. Thanks for your compliments and for dropping by. :)

Priyank said...

How could you get so good pictures from the window of an airplane?? Were you outside? LOL

indicaspecies said...

No, just stuck my cam out through the window and shot them..LOL

Delighted that you liked these. :)