April 2, 2011

India wins the World Cup

India wins the 2011 World Cup.
Victory, sweet victory!
Congratulations Dhoni and the Indian cricket team.
Cheers to all those who celebrate.


cyclopseven said...

A moment of joy. Congrats.

DeeBee L. said...

Thye deserved it, they played very well!

Anshul Kesarwani said...

yes, congrats to Dhoni and team, for the smart victory and for making Sachin's childhood dream come true.

Photo Cache said...

that is why you were quiet, you were busy.

congratulations to india.

i think i have been notified of this as one of my fb friends was posting updates on the game.

sandeep said...

they did play well to achieve this. congrats to u too :) 'we' are world champions now :)

Aditi Chauhan said...


Aditi Chauhan said...