February 7, 2010

Like to join me for a Swim?

Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg
Photographed on 3 January 2010

No, Mr. Crocodile, thank you. Certainly not, unless I am pushed off the edge by someone into the River Cauvery. Even then, I shall quickly learn to swim and reach the banks of the River before you decide to play with me your favourite game, Snap!:D


Anu said...

Good one!

Nisha said...

Ha Ha........ :D

Arun said...

he he :)

Vamsee Modugula said...

a sarcastic board!! love it!

Mridula said...

Good one!

Zhu said...

Love it! Probably a better deterrent than any other sign!

GuNs said...

You went to Coorg? Why, thats AWESOME. I went there in December during Christmas and for certain private reasons, it turned out to be my worst vacation ever. :( Hope I will have the heart to go there again some day.


Saibal Barman said...

I trust the billboard...trust your words too...all facts and truth of fun and fear...
But, Celine, did you change your mind at last moment??...and, thus came to know of Mr. Crocodile who often forgot wearing his set denture... I dream of...did he on that day?...or did he not but only smiled on someone who had not only dared to join but care him too, and had so much of love for the animal world?...and he forgot to shed tears...
I trust tears have roots nearer to soul for them than to us...and I trust too that truth is truer to them than to us !
Enjoyed reading after a long break, my dear friend !

sandeep said...

u shud surely have tried it ;-)

interesting board :)

but ... is waters at dubare that dangerous. i believe a lot of people take a swim there anyways

Merisi said...

Swim, but once! ;-)

indicaspecies said...

Anu, Nisha, Arun, Vamsee, Mridula, Zhu, Merisi,
All of you:
Thank you for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed that bit...hehe!

Hehe.. That was probably my 50th trip to Coorg...I was born and brought up close to that place. For Christmas this time, I was in Bangalore - not too far!
Sorry to hear about your vacation going bad...aw! I hope you reach there again in better times and come back happier.

What can I say? You shower me with compliments, thank you. Crocodile tears...hehe!

I'll try it when you and I go there together next time.;-)
I do not know exactly how dangerous the waters are, and I did see a few people swim in the river. I also noticed a few trying to cross the river from across shallow parts. But I am not the kind to take any chances and took a boat ride to reach the elephant camp.

No way..not even once....hehe!