May 25, 2009

Yet another post on IPL

Photo shot in Nov 2008
Gorai Beach, Mumbai

When everyone is somebody, then no one's anybody. I must be the only body to be able to churn out a post after it is all least for this season. Everybody associated with it - whether viewers, spectators, players, officials, TV crew - were gleefully occupied for almost six weeks! For me too, it became the daily addiction in the evenings. I’m, of course, talking about the IPL. About cricket, the favorite boring game to many; not the insect.

How was IPL to you? To me, IPL was both a mix of the empyreal and ridiculous.

I don’t know if arrangements were made to pump nitrous-oxide in the commentary box, but I liked it when commentators hyped up about a batsman for shooting two consecutive lusty shots to the boundaries only to watch him perish at the next delivery. Or, for that matter, when a bowler was showered with heavenly praise for a few dot balls only to be seen thwacked into outer space while closing that over. Doesn’t it sound sublime, yet ludicrous? What do you have to say?

A business tycoon has said only a small “part” of his package of $1.55 million for his gora-captain was for his cricketing worth, and the rest was for the goodwill he brought to his business. But eventually it was the dear desi-test-captain (with whom I’ve had the pleasure to chat up with at an airport) who lifted the team right up to the final game!

In my house once the match began, for fear of permanent disbarment from watching TV ever again, it was forbidden to change the TV channels to watch anything else (that I am not an avid TV watcher is another matter). If I were in a group, while enjoying the company of charming folks around, the unsolicited and unwarranted detailed “expert” analysis of team performances and past matches was a part and parcel of the scenario. As if there were not enough discussion panels on TV doing the same! Those times, I won’t even begin to write about the punishment meted out to me: compulsory viewing of the annoying clockwork frequency of the repetitive ads.

Indian ads may be the best in the world and I don’t know about you, but to me the sponsor's name certainly does not entreat any positive reaction, on the contrary the attempt to surfeit is more often than not, irritating. At times I began to wonder if I am supposed to be entertained with hours of advertisements through which are sometimes glimmers of cricket. Forced on me without fail at the end of every over, when I felt I’ve had enough to the point of being driven to insanity, thankfully I've had the choice to head to the sanctuary of my cosy room where the TV remote is solely under my control and in relief hit the mute button and looked elsewhere than the ads.

There may have been times when batsmen may have spent less time at the crease than his laundry-man may have spent over ironing his shirt crease, yet cricket is entertaining. For it is a game where the batsman is equipped with a brain box (to protect the head) and a cricketer’s box (to protect the groin) though to some the latter is also brain box as apparently all the thinking is done for those right from there!

I liked to watch Pommie's flashing white teeth and dreadlocks being flung fashionably from side to side and suit-booted Shastri straining his jugular veins while spitting out majestically at players during presentation ceremonies. Oh, I am supposed to show high quality interest and excitement in the game, even when I don’t really feel it. However, where else but in cricket world could I have sought little Bruno so cutely scurrying on the ground and entertaining all, something that even cricketers, at times, fail to do?

To me, the SRKs, Zintas and Shettys, Mallyas and Reddys, Haydens and Pandeys, four-legged Brunos and long-legged cheering girls, players at slips and gals in same, Hollywood and beauty pageants, famed drummers and infamous dancers, passions and statistics, sun-screened faces and hat-tricks, beer-sippers and teetotallers, lisping and lip-kissing, bowling maidens and LBWs (to me, teams Lost Beaten Walloped), Manhattan graphs and “luck-yous”, real IPL players and fake bloggers, controversies and conspiracies, team spirits and misunderstandings, histrionics and composures, cool games and euphories, speeches and gymnastics, and through fireworks, prayers, tears, smiles, cheers and dreams in the making and crashing, the heart-wrenching losses and the elusive wins have all been engaging, and at times, thrilling.

Alas, the over-the-top enthusiasm of IPL has finally come to an end.

It’s time to get a life.

Wow, I love this sweet sound of silence this evening.

And am glad to start blogging… again!


By now, the ‘blogworld’ might have floated thousands of posts on IPL. I shall not apologise for presenting and getting you all bored with one from my end too.

Now that my TV has been off this evening, I have had no choice but to share these few thoughts of my love-hate feelings on IPL… *yawn*

Good night folks and hey don’t forget to write here what you liked/disliked about IPL and which has been your fav IPL moment!



indicaspecies said...

As written above, IPL, and then a bit more of travel to Mumbai and nearby areas last week, kept me away from the blogworld for a while. I'm back and shall be visiting you all shortly. Cheers!

Vamsee said...

This is exactly what I would have written if I had done a post on IPL (except for that brain box joke - funny and outrageous!)

I loved watching IPL, the cricket, the drama - everything, but I am glad that I have my evenings back now.

Are you in Mumbai for vacation? Do you have time to meet? Will send an email.


indicaspecies said...


Haha...our thoughts are in sync then. (And I tried not to be outrageous.*chuckle*)
I was in Mumbai briefly on some personal work and grabbed the chance as always to explore few places around. Shall put up some posts on that, as I have some lovely pictures to share. Would have loved to meet up but I'm back to the 9-5 office routine in Kuwait again.

Vamsee said...

Forgot to mention that i loved the zoo zoo ads. They had a new one everyday and were really cute.

indicaspecies said...

Yes Vamsee, the Zoo-zoo ads were cute and won the PETA award for humane alternatives to the use of real animals.

Jeevan Baretto said...

Now that the IPL is over, I am already getting bored in the evenings. Matches at Roland Garros is a reliever at times.

Nice post. Enjoyed it.

Rajesh said...

It was good time pass as long as it lasted. But it not succeed as much as it could have been it had hosted in India.

next, we will be glued to the T.V in June for the 20-20 WC.

Trotter said...

Hi Celine! Glad to see you back! I thought baseball was rather boruing until I saw... Guess? ;))
Look forward to reading you at Blogtrotter!
Have a great week!

Aparna said...

Hey good to know I am not the only one suffering withdrawal symptoms. My team lost( Delhi Daredevils)..sob sob. But the final was an absolute thriller. I loved every moment but sooo hated the closing ceremony. Those boring speeches and the performances were a real dud.Loved the zoo-zoos.

Vinita said...

Looking forward to the rest of the Valley of Flowers series...

indicaspecies said...

Thank you.
I haven't been watching the matches at Roland Garros. My TV is off for now and may be switched on for the ICC T20 on June 5. I do not really know what 'getting bored' means so dunno what to say about that.

Yes, it was good while it lasted. I think it was quite a success in SA as well.

Baseball may be boring, but cricket is not.;)
Was good to see Barca win last night, though Cristiano did not look happy.

You certainly aren't the only one. DareDevils were one of the best, and unfortunate they were out before the semi-finals. Hope Viru has better luck next time. Thank you for dropping by and leaving behind your footprints.

I am presently writing the last part of my VoF trek and shall put it up shortly. Did you enjoy the IPL?

T and S said...

IPL to me was an action packed one month. What kept the interest alive of fortunes going up and down.

I was happy bangalore made it to the final finally but missed winning it because of their overconfidence.

GMG said...

Hi Celine! Barça win was just, as ManUnited had only nr. 7 playing on the field... ;) But Barça would never ever get to the final if there was a decent referee in the Chelsea game...

Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, now showing Kaunas. Never heard about it? ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Vinita said...

Unfortunately no. Everyone else at home followed it with great interest and I spent that time trying to get hold of the remote :P....actually glad its over!

AJEYA RAO said...

Not much of a cricket fan, but i do keep myself updated of happenings. I watched only the finals, and Bangalore lost very badly....:-( Well seems like the focus is now the on the world cup already, so its pretty easy in cricket to forget the failure. :-)

Shantanu said...

I started watching the IPL late - after all the KKR drama was over. :)

Other than for the annoyingly frequent commercials, I think I enjoyed the game. As for the commentary, I sometimes just mute the TV.

claytonia vices said...

Long time since I visited your blog... it hasn't lost its charm! :)

Lakshmi said...

lol..IPL to me was just entertainment

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for your visit and leaving behind your footprints. Your kind words are appreciated.:)