November 23, 2008

A Dawn in Auli

July 2008
Uttarakhand, India

Idly I wake up, stretch and contentedly yawn
And burst outdoors to watch the crack of dawn
A lovely new day in Auli is about to begin
Feeling jubilant, I feel exalted from within

As the first rays of light of the day sweep
The land of Auli wakes up from its dreamy sleep
It gets enveloped in white clouds and mist
It feels wonderful to be right in its midst

Majestic mountains, worthy of admiration
Auli haunts every nature lovers' imagination
From afar espy the great Nanda Devi's peak
Clouds hover around it, endearing sight unique

Auli's fresh day's beauty when unfurled
Transforms like if I'm in a dreamy world
Tranquility abounds, intoxicatingly serene
Worthy of celebration before me is the scene

The rise, fall and roll of the soft clouds of sea
Watching it all, I sense my spirit soaring free
In Auli I find nature's beauty on full display
I take utmost pleasure on this cool delightful day

On my eyelashes fall a few drops of clear dew
Through it I revel espying wonderful Auli view
Rustling breeze plays around the mountain tops
Horses graze on meadows, where valley drops

As the mountains whisper, I quietly listen
In charming Auli as a new day begins to glisten
Is it like this always, or is it just in spring
Moments touched by magic, it is enchanting

At the Himalayan heights, and wonderful location
I think for a moment Auli is my final destination
But no, I must explore, have got a world of travel
For am sure I've many more mysteries to unravel!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks so lovely there. Your blog is very interesting to read, you certainly get around:)

ms cute pants said...

I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be up there, surrounded by those mountain tops. It looks so serene and so untouched. The only thing I ever came close to something like that was a trip way back when in Mercara, when visiting Grandpa's house.

"I ♥ Faces" said...

What an amazing view you got to be a part of! Your photos are absolutely stunning.

GMG said...

Hi Celine! It’s always great when I have a chance to get here! This time we are really in the clouds... Great shots, great text, great post!! I'm thrilled!
The post on Joshimath is also impressive; the view of the road is awesome!! And Mount Neelkanth just opened a hole in the clouds for you... Superb!!
Interested in Tunisia? Blogtrotter has it now! ;)) Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!

~vagabond~ said...

Auli looks absolutely beautiful. And your photos of it are so breath taking. My favorite is the first one that you have up :)

AJEYA RAO said...

Hi...Me back after a long break; Lovely travelogues Celina; Loved the pictures of Mt Neelkanth. They are truly mesmerizing.

priyadarshan said...

I envy you

Mridula said...

I have been there I too loved the place :D

alok said...

That's an amazing collection of photos. I guess a must visit place, Auli.

Luiz Ramos said...

Great your subject. Beautiful your World.

Texas Travelers said...

Beautiful and magical part of the world. Terrific verse.

thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

fishing guy said...

What a beautiful look at a very neat part of the world.

Zhu said...

It really looks like you are on top of the world... well, you are I guess ;)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you. That's encouraging to hear.:)

indicaspecies said...

Ms. Cute Pants:

It's an indescribable feeling up there C. Mercara is beautiful but is at 1/3rd the height of Auli, so can you imagine my feeling just at the thought of being at that height?:)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you very much.:)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for your gracious words. I'm glad you liked it all.:)

indicaspecies said...


Thank you for the kind words. I like that picture too.:)

indicaspecies said...


Welcome back, and thank you. Glad you like them.:)

indicaspecies said...


Why do you?;)

indicaspecies said...


I can very well imagine why you do. Thanks for dropping by.:)

indicaspecies said...


I've put up more pictures in my next post. I have a feeling you will like those as well. Thank you for your visit.:)

indicaspecies said...

Luiz Ramos,

Thank you very much.:)

indicaspecies said...

Troy and Martha,

Thank you for your visit. I am delighted at your kind words.:)

indicaspecies said...

Fishing Guy:

Thank you for your visit. I'm delighted at your kind words.:)

indicaspecies said...


I felt so at almost 10,000 feet above main sea level. I wish you great travels.:)

ramblingwoods said...

That is a wonderful poem. I can see how such beauty could inspire you.

Final_Transit said...

Hi Celine!

Lovely descriptions by means of poetry :) Nice pics too. So, did you wake up at dawn and then go back to bed? LOL :P

indicaspecies said...


Thank you. Your words are encouraging.:)

indicaspecies said...

Final Transit:

Priyank, I got up at dawn and forget about getting back to bed, I in fact could not keep my eyes off the awesome changing scenery before me for hours together!

In fact, when it was time for breakfast to be served I refused to move indoors, and finally a table was laid out in the open air. One of the best roti-sabzi breakfasts I had while gazing in wonder at the fabulous scene unfolding before me.

Glad you asked the question. It revived my memories.Thank you.:)

shooting star said...

wow!!..the pics afre so nice...the place must be amazing!!!!!!

indicaspecies said...


Thanks. It indeed is amazing. Start your ascent from Haridwar/Rishikesh and head up there asap.:)